5 thoughts on “Do cats like to be touched by people? Or the belly”

  1. Ordinary cats like people to touch it. If you don't even touch your head, it should be that you are not very familiar with it or it is angry. Cats near the cat's head and ears will enjoy it. After being familiar with it, you can also scratch its chin, which is fun. Just touch your back, don't touch your stomach. If the cat turns over and wants to play with you, you can touch its paws (very fast), at this time it may fight back. But pay special attention to your personal safety at this time. Essence Essence Essence Essence

  2. First of all, it depends on the degree of knowledge of you and this cat. The cat is sensitive and has a strong sense of prevention of strangers. If you and it are not familiar with it at all, don't touch it anymore. If it is a very small cat, or a cat with a docile temperament, the relationship is not great.
    The cats prefer to touch the head and neck and back, and massage the scratching more in its heart. It will enjoy it around its chin and ears. When it is in a good mood, you can rub each part with you.
    usually do not force the cat's abdomen, let alone drag its tail hard.
    The cats, how can I even pull the strap.

  3. I have raised a lot of cats in my own home. Cats like to touch their heads and body. Even if I don't like others, I don't mind you touch your body. Essence Some cats prefer you to touch your head, but your stomach does not like being touched. The animal's belly is very fragile. Generally, you don’t feel it.

  4. If you are familiar with the kitten, you should prefer your head if you are familiar with it. Occasionally you touch the cat's belly, and it will feel very comfortable. (Note! Don't be too hard!)

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