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  1. very good. This job is also okay, which is more formal. Just call and collect every day, but there are also time to get angry, because those who arrears are more disgusted with the collection of calls ____ responsible for bank credit card asset risk management. Urgently urge overdue customers to repay, assist them to restore credit, and limit bank assets.
    The expansion information:
    , credit card collection is divided into two types: bank urging and external collection. Internal urging is usually reminded by bank customer service (M0) or electricity within three months of time. The urging department (M1, 2 period) or various business outlets offices come to the door (during M3) to make overdue payments!
    1, outsourced collection mainly refers to the credit card center for some difficulty in handling, problems, losing contact or small amount of customer groups, and entrusting companies that are engaged in the collection industry after being harvested inside. Payment.
    2, the M1 period is the continuation of the M0 period, that is, between the last payment date of the second billing date and the second bill of second bills, the credit record will upload the CIP credit reporting system. It may affect issues such as house purchase loans or credit loans.
    This will be charged at the same time. If it is a late payment before the second payment date, it will be received twice, and the interest is the current debt amount recovered. During this period, banks generally remind the customer’s reminder collection, that is, the recipient of the collection department of the credit card center calls to remind the repayment. Some banks do not collect it during this period, the purpose is to make more late fees and interest.
    3, the M2 period is the continuation of M1, that is, between the last payment date of the third billing date and the third bill of the unpaid repayment, the credit record has a great impact. There will be stains, which will have a great impact on future loans and jobs in larger enterprises.
    4 will receive late fees. If you will receive a secondary late payment before the third payment date, otherwise three times, the interest is the current debt of the amount of debt. During this period, banks generally adopt a law -type repayment, and related collectors call to inform the influence of credit records, and other consequences of non -repayment, and will contact relatives, friends, and assist the owner of the owner during this time. Repayment. Some banks collect tough, and even the recipients will be disguised as relevant lawyers to put pressure on the owner, but some banks have only reminded recipients during this period.

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