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  1. The main listed companies in the domestic LED industry: At present, the main listed companies in the domestic LED industry include National Star Optoelectronics (002449), Jutan Optoelectronics (300708), Ganzhao Optoelectronics (300102), San’an Optoelectronics (600703), Wanrun Technology (002654), Murlinsen (002745), Lehman Optoelectronics (300162), Ruifeng Optoelectronics (300241), Abrson (300389), long -volume shares (300808), etc.
    If this article: The overall market size of the Chinese LED industry, the overall and sub -sector revenue growth of LED listed companies in the Chinese LED industry, and the change in profit margins of LED listed companies in China Affected by the epidemic decline
    2011-From 2019, the overall market size of the LED industry in my country has shown a trend of year-on-year growth, and the growth rate has declined in recent years. According to statistics from the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R

  2. Today, with the rapid development of market globalization, professional analysis believes that a powerful basis for supporting the arguments of the oligarch era is that it is not unique to China, and the overseas markets are also giants. Judging from the situation of the LED display industry in my country, their eyes have long been stuck in the country, but with the opening of the overseas market, step by step on a wider international market. In addition, with the intensification of market competition, the production and operation methods of enterprises have undergone tremendous changes. The antennae of oligopoly enterprises extend to the upstream and downstream of the industry, so as to obtain the profit of the entire industry chain, realize the performance of performance exceeding expectations, and winners eat all to eat. The law is getting obvious. This is particularly obvious in the market performance in recent years, and it is the industry’s screen companies to optimize the market chain to seize the market in various aspects.
    (1) scale, market share
    LED industry report: In 2017, the overall market size of the market is 636.8 billion yuan. In terms of the LED chip market, the output value of LED chips in mainland China in 2017 reached 18.8 billion yuan, accounting for global LED chip chips The output value is nearly 40%. Domestic MOCVDs have become the main force of this round of production. As of the end of 2017, the number of MOCVDs in mainland China will exceed 1,600 units. From 2018 -2019, China’s LED chip companies will continue to expand production. GGII is expected to exceed 50%of the output value of mainland China in 2019.
    (2) The screen is oversized
    With the rise and development of the full -color LED display, it provides a foundation and appeal for the screen of the screen of the business district’s advertising. At present, in some large -scale advertising business districts and other buildings, in order to attract the attention of more advertising owners and audiences, the screen overshoot has become a development trend.

    (3) Small spacing
    In the future, in order to obtain better ornamental effects, people will definitely require higher and higher demands for the distinctiveness of the screen of the display screen. If you want to restore the authenticity of the color and display clear images on a smaller display, then the high -density small -pitch LED display will become one of the future development trends.
    The interior mid -to -high -end display market is mainly displayed by DLP back investment, but DLP technology has natural defects. First of all, 1 mm laminated between display units that cannot be eliminated at all, which can devour one display pixel at least. Secondly, the color expression is also inferior to the direct -glowing LED display. It is particularly insufficient that due to the differences between the DLP display unit, the uniformity of the color and brightness of the entire display screen is difficult to control. As the product running time increases, the differences between the units will become larger and larger. It is difficult to maintain the same seam and it will become more and more obvious. The color differences between the units and the adjustment of the seams, even in the later period of maintenance and maintenance, are more difficult.
    The biggest competitiveness of indoor high -density small spacing LED display is that the display screen is completely seamless and the natural and true display of color. At the same time, in terms of later maintenance, the LED display already has mature one -by -point correction technology. The display of the instrument can be used to use the instrument for more than a year or two display display. The operation process is simple and the effect is also very good. Therefore, from the aspect of the display quality, it must be that the high -density small spacing LED display is better than the DLP back investment.
    (4) Human screen interaction
    Human screen interaction is the ultimate trend of LED display intelligent development. Why do you say this? Because of the product perspective, the intelligent LED display is to enhance the user intimacy and operating experience. Under this background, the future LED display will no longer be a cold display terminal, but a technology based on infrared sensor technology, touch function, voice recognition, 3D, VR/AR and other technologies. The intelligent display carrier.

  3. The development prospects of this industry are still good. Shi Guangxu is the leader of this industry. There are many cases, strong technology, and very professional technical teams. The conferences, cultural and creative industries, etc., are currently exported to more than 85 countries and regions around the world.

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