5 thoughts on “For auto insurance salespersons, how to increase the renewal rate of auto insurance?”

  1. As a vehicle insurance salesman, if we want to increase the customer’s renewal rate, we must first understand why customers buy car insurance. The reason here is simple, that is, worrying about accidents in the future, insurance companies can solve problems in time. There are many companies in the auto insurance industry now, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is almost impossible to attract customers from the content of the policy. At this time, we can fight, just service quality, service attitude, and service speed.
    The three points cannot be done by yourself, and it is more dependent on the company’s support. After all, we can only master services, and quality and speed are affected by the company. Many insurance companies now do not compensate for it. At this time, there is no need to talk about renewal insurance issues. Just consider changing a company.

    1. The so -called service quality of service quality is that the owner occurs in an accident. Can we give the solution in time? This is relatively simple. Most salespersons are very familiar with the reimbursement process of the auto insurance. After the traffic police give the responsible letter and the surveyer to give a conclusion, it is good to help go through the relevant procedures.
    This owners are busy, and we do n’t have to hear us to gossip, so do n’t deliberately please each other and do their job with peace of mind. When communicating, pay more attention to verbal names, such as called Sheng Brother or Sister. We are service staff and let the other party see our execution.

    2, the service attitude handles the business, as long as it is a salesperson, it can’t highlight himself. At this time, the role of service attitude will be reflected. For example, after the car owner has a traffic accident, it is not necessarily the responsibility of the other party. In this case, we can tell the owner of some precautions to avoid being blackmailed by the other party during claims.
    I I have worked as an insurance salesperson, and the grades are okay. After each success, I will leave contact information. Then in daily life, we can also contact more, such as when there is any policy, and you can tell the other party in time. Different industries have different knowledge. If the owner wants to understand the relevant content, he can also conquer him with his own profession. It is impressed by people. In the future, his friends will also help recommend himself.

    3, service speed service speed is the claim speed. This mainly depends on the company’s operation. It is recommended not to find out outsourcing when looking for a job. Try to choose a branch of large enterprises. We look at some online refusal claims or have not yet claimed the information, most of which are outsourced industries. The unit itself is not strong, and it is useless to have a good service attitude. It may be scolded in the middle. If you want to develop well, the platform is very important. Choose a good unit and find a way to improve your service.

  2. Therefore, we must serve well, and then we must actively condolences in normal times. Only in this case, we will choose us next year because of our service. Mainly, the price of each insurance company is similar, so their more choices are services.

  3. To do the follow -up services, go to the door -to -door service on a regular basis, and understand the needs of consumers. The attitude must be good, and some benefits must be given regularly.

  4. For auto insurance salespersons, if you want to increase the renewal rate of car insurance, you must always pay attention to customers who are about to disconnect and remind customers to renew the insurance in time.

  5. The first is to improve your work ability and business ability. We must pay attention to your service attitude, provide customers with very high -quality services, must have the ability to observe and observe, and we must fully understand your work content. relation.

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