Zhuhai Xiangzhou Second -hand Car Market Address

Want to know what is the name of a used car market in Zhuhai Xiangzhou? How do I take a bus at the lower grill checkpoint? The location is probably over there.

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  1. Zhongya Famous Garden No. 16 and 17 of the David Second Car Market Police -Minh Road No. 3 Police and Min Road passed the old car market opposite the Public Security Bureau. Standing
    If the lower grille, you must transfer to the car.
    In 10 to the Bauhinia Garden to 55 to Yongda Building for 70 meters
    Tour 10 to Phoenix North Bus Station to the opposite side to Yongda Building
    The final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

  2. Zhuhai is not daring. There are a lot of Tanzhou to buy it to Tanzhou! Fourteen Village! Graduated from college, there will be a spontaneous second -hand car unlucky in the morning of the Jida Bailian Market, but recently the entire Zhuhai

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