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  1. The sales of online bookstores have grown rapidly, and the gaming relationship between online bookstores and physical bookstores is even more obvious. Some people even think that the sales of online bookstores will eventually surpass physical bookstores. In this context, publishers attach more and more attention to online store marketing.

    In the past two years, online bookstores have also entered, and competition between online stores has begun to intensify. Large publishing houses have begun to attach importance to horizontal union, which is conducive to the formation of a better industry ecological environment. From the perspective of the overall development trend, the development of online stores provides more space for publishing institutions to achieve a virtuous cycle of business, and can also promote the transformation and innovation of ground stores to accelerate its own business model in order to better meet market changes.

    The improvement space for online store sales is mainly reflected in online marketing. The marketing methods of real online stores are similar. Page promotion, discounts, binding sales, and fixed amount of promotional methods are daily operations. The next step can be done in daily work to consolidate the details of marketing work. And more about the process and normalization of marketing work. For example, book review articles, editing recommendations, illustrations, video and other information need to be more comprehensive and rich.

    The online bookstore can also learn from some physical stores. For example, you can try to make some authors online interviews. If readers who place orders during the interview period can get the author’s signature version of books, it may be better. The publisher prepares a one or two thousand volumes to send it to each logistics center, and it is not unable to operate.

    The sales business of electronic society online stores has been carried out earlier. In the past few years, the sales growth rate of electronic club online stores was more than 50%. In the past two years, the growth rate of growth has slowed down. The growth rate in 2011 was more than 30%, and the overall growth of more than 30%in 2012 was planned.

    In addition to the three major online stores, the online stores cooperated by electronic agencies include some online children’s bookstores in Beijing and Shanghai. Online stores, Shanghai e City, etc. In addition, there is an online bookstore that publishing houses.

    The online bookstore of the Electronics Club, one year, is hundreds of thousands of sales, because the discounts of sales are controlled at about 79 or 80%, which is better than the online bookstore, and the publisher is unwilling to use it. This online bookstore affects the sales of ground stores and online stores. The self -operated online store mainly plays the role of products and missed filling.

    The retail channels of electronic agencies are divided into physical stores, online stores, airport stores and supermarkets; library -assigned channels are divided into Xinhua Bookstores, private museums with dealers, museums with direct sales channels; textbook sales channels It is divided into Xinhua Bookstore, textbook agency station and private textbook dealers. The online bookstore is divided into separate sales channels, and is directly responsible for the coordination and marketing work support of the marketing department and deputy general manager of the distribution department (Li Muchun). It is equipped with 1 sales assistant and 2 marketing support staff. In the assessment method, the sales growth indicators of online bookstores are different from the sales growth indicators of physical bookstores, which is much higher than the sales growth index of physical bookstores.

    This providing timely new book information data for online bookstores and Xinhua Bookstore’s website, which has always been an important part of the publishing house’s marketing department. For large -scale publishing houses, because it is necessary to go to the shelves for the entire variety, books should be set up, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, and books. The amount of information is large, and it is time -consuming and laborious to provide and upload new books. Thanks to the early start of the informatization work of the electronic agency, in the PMIS system developed by the publishing house, the basic book information was uploaded by the editor. After the inspection of the market and the distribution department, after passing, it is connected with the publisher’s online bookstore and released it.

    If the online store can open the data interface to the publishing house, the book information data of the electronic agency can be synchronized directly from the PMIS system of the publishing house. The book information data of Zhejiang Province, Sichuan Wenxuan, Shanghai Store, and Jiangsu Province have achieved docking. It is a good support for their online bookstore marketing work.

    It in the future, more online stores and physical bookstores can use technical docking to achieve the processing of book product information, improve the efficiency of product information communication between the two parties of the society and the efficiency of marketing work.

    The sales characteristics of online bookstores are more people who support market follow -up work. In recent years, the electronic agency has been strengthening and standardizing the future support of the market. The marketing department has been exported to the outside world as a unified external information. It is responsible for providing product information and marketing information for online stores and various business interfaces, including new book information uploading work. At the same time, the head of the marketing department and the product manager cooperate with the sales staff to communicate the marketing creativity and cooperation methods of key products. While discussing business work, the business manager is also responsible for communicating with the person in charge of the relevant sectors of the online store on the marketing work of key products. What kind of services or marketing materials need to provide by the other party will be based on the other party’s The actual demand is unconditional to meet its requirements. Relevant marketing materials designed for online stores will also provide online stores in Xinhua Bookstore.

    The marketing department of the Electronics Society has established two important QQ groups. One is the external QQ group. The group contains all bookstores -including online shops and ground stores. There is also an internal QQ group. Each branch of the publishing house and the company is responsible for marketing. The personnel of the market and distribution department, foreign information staff and foreign marketing managers are all in the group. The information and related information of the key books are mostly sent through the QQ group, so that the communication efficiency is high.

    In early 2011, the electronic agency launched a SMS marketing platform to send different MMSs to customers every week. The content is the cover text of the book, 6 books each time. Sending objects include bookstore purchasing staff, cabinet staff and marketing planners, library recruitment staff, direct sales customers, college teachers and textbook purchasing staff, including leaders of middle -level cadres, foreign information staff and marketing managers, markets and distribution All personnel. This SMS is conducive to internal and external personnel to understand the recent key book information, and create conditions for the key book information of the publishing houses for online store business personnel and operation editors, which helps online stores to pay more attention to, communicate and obtain key book information, and also obtain key book information, and also obtain key book information, and also obtain key book information, and also obtain key book information, and also obtain key book information, and also obtain key book information. Track and purchase key books.

    The key books of the Electronic Society adopt classified management methods. The marketing department and online store personnel focus on high -grade books. Planning and editing, product manager of the marketing department, and sales business manager will run seven or eight online stores a month. Online store business staff, in the face of the annoying book products of the market, have a high market discrimination ability and rich market experience. When encountering books with high market potential, they will often ask for samples, booking and other related materials. Determine the number of goods and the subsequent market operation plan. Super key books will participate in the early stage selection planning stage. The preheating (pre -sale) of the product’s early market (pre -sale), and the market propaganda work after listing formulate specific market plans and working timetables.

    The staff of our marketing department have a experience. Communicating with online stores should be diligent and diligent. For example, if the online store promises, if they do not go online on time, they have to follow up and follow up. Faced with many publishers, the attention and energy are very limited.

    The products of some branches and companies in the electronic agency are more suitable for sales in online stores, and they also attach great importance to online store marketing. For example, the book “The Blocks of the Inspiries” has done a good job in the marketing of online stores. During the book pre -sale period and after the book is launched, the marketing work on Weibo and industry websites follows up quickly. There is a special topic every week. The promotional and market sales of online stores are relatively large, like fast school bags purchased five or six hundred copies, including books signed by some authors. In response to some key books, publishing society for key publicity on the online store page, and use information such as editors, book reviews and other information to further drive sales.

    The books that are truly focusing on the real marketing of the electronic agency in one year, that is, 300-400, average of more than 20-30 per month. But it is very easy to do, it is not easy. The source of the power of online store marketing, if it is formed from the editorial session, in addition to the marketing of key single items of online stores, the second key books and ordinary books that are mainly based on online sales will increase the release of Weibo, books and book reviews, markets, markets, markets, and markets. Marketing work can be done thinner and more perfect. Because the marketing work of the marketing department can only take into account key products. In addition, the marketing department’s understanding of authors and books is far from editing. If the provision of marketing text such as editors, book reviews, and book excerpts can be included in the marketing work process of key book marketing, it may better increase the market impact and market sales of the book.

    For example, once the book is determined as a key book, the editor must preliminaries to prepare marketing materials. , Avoid waste of resources. On the other hand, the marketing department also needs to be staring at the editorial department to conduct active marketing work.

    The marketing activity of technology books on the Internet, electronic agencies generally choose some varieties to participate, and key books in the marketing schedule will be put in. The marketing department is responsible for the selection and determination of varieties to determine which varieties are participating in activities. Some holiday marketing activities, such as the promotional activities of Children’s Day, are often unremitting. This is also to maintain better marketing work interaction with online stores.

    Teng Electronics Club, in addition to the marketing work of various online stores, also attaches great importance to the marketing of self -operated online stores. There are more than a dozen Banner online stores. The marketing department should replace the content on a regular basis, and it must be balanced to all branches and companies. If the competition mechanism is introduced with the use of marketing resources in this work, you can better encourage the editorial department to pay more attention to the improvement of marketing materials and the innovation of marketing methods.

    It to do well in online store sales, we must do a good job of online marketing. Now every family attaches great importance to online marketing, and you may wish to make your website better. The electronic agency portal website was newly revised in October 201 October. The revision is mainly to try to make the book information as much as possible, so that all distributors, especially online stores with large information demand, provide reference.

    For the opening of the new website, the electronic agency has sorted out the classification of more than 10,000 products. Level classification, this job is relatively complicated, because the category management of bookstores is generally used in secondary categories. The new website of the electronic agency also adds functions to interact with readers such as comment, online trial reading, etc. The key positions of the page make a dynamic book advertising position. Readers’ reviews, trial reading and other functions have obvious driving effects on sales
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