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  1. Haha, there are too many fun places in Shanghai. I personally feel that the interesting parts are:

    : The Bund
    The places where the Bund is fun. At the Bund, I do n’t recommend you to go directly to the Bund Tourist Gallery. Instead, I climb up the high -rise building to feel a different bund. Go to the open -air bar at the Peninsula Hotel, such as the open -air bar at the British Dig Hotel in Shanghai, you can enjoy different scenery.

    : Xintiandi
    The Xintiandi fashion circle is worth visiting. There are many tide men and women who come, and many domestic and foreign tourists come to see. Different experiences, sit on the street to drink coffee, eat Western food, and feel the fashion and prosperity in Shikumen.

    three: Wukang Road
    The tourists come to Shanghai to play. I still prefer to go to Wukang Road to see. There are many beautiful buildings and two rows of French sycamores. beautiful. Many historical protection buildings are also very many.

    four: Nanjing West Road
    The go to Nanjing West Road to experience the Starbucks roasted house and feel the charm of coffee. Of course, you can also go to the fashion block to buy the luxury you want.

    5: 1933 Old Place Fang
    This is the most recommended place for photography. Before, it was a slaughterhouse, and now it has become a place where fashion and literature and art. There are theaters, cafes, and restaurants. Many movies also like to scene.

    6: Shanghai Disneyland
    If it is a parent -child family, take the child to Disneyland to see it, and feel different fairy tale charm. There are also a lot of play experience items in it, but just need to avoid peak time and holidays. Especially during the summer and National Day, don’t squeeze people.
    Seven: Shanghai Museum
    The tour of the Shanghai Museum must not be missed. Visit the major historical relics and feel different ways of travel.

    Was do you think there are fun places? Welcome to your supplement.
    I am an old Shanghai. Tell everyone the Bund, Lujiazui, Chenghuang Temple, Nanjing Road, Disney, want to see Jiangnan flavor to go to Zhujiajiajiao in Qingpu, young people to see Tian Zhifang, etc. You must go! Welcome friends to Shanghai.
    Shaka is a city I like particularly. It is China’s economic and financial center. It has the reputation of Eastern Paris. I went to three times in ten years. I have a different feeling every time. Two lines of modern urban civilization construction simply talk about Shanghai where I am fun in my eyes.
    The first, Shanghai is a city with deep historical and cultural heritage, Lu Xun Park Memorial Hall, Bund Wanuo Architecture Expo Group, Nanjing Road, Eight Company, Shanghai City God Temple. Historical atmosphere
    Secondly, Shanghai is the largest city in China. Many modern cities are in the world. The place.
    third, Shanghai Disneyland is the place where children love to play most. It is recommended that booking tickets in advance will be much cheaper.
    Bess wishful travel!

    In the mention of any fun attractions in Shanghai, the Bund, Nanjing Road, Old City God Temple, Tianzifang, Mrs. Tussauds, Oriental Pearls, Oriental Green Boats, and Communist Qing Forest Park immediately emerged in the mind. , Xintiandi, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Happy Valley, Shanghai Museum, World Expo and other places.
    The Bund is located on the banks of the Huangpu River in the center of Shanghai. It is the landscape of Shanghai and a must -have place for tourists to visit Shanghai. 150 years ago, when the colonists embarked on the strange land in Shanghai, they fancy this river beach in Huangpu River. As a result, this one was a fiber trap that the boatman and hard work came out. After more than a hundred years of construction, high -rise buildings are lined and carn. These classical and modern buildings have become a symbol of Shanghai. Today’s Bund, also known as Zhongshan East, is about 1.5 kilometers. In the east, there are 52 buildings with different styles such as Gothic, Roman, Baroque, and Chinese and Western Wall. The essence of the Bund lies in this. The building group starts from the Baidu Bridge at the mouth of the Suzhou River in the north, and in the south to Jinling East Road, with a total length of about 1500 meters. The famous Bank of China Building, Heping Hotel, Customs Building, and HSBC Bank Building reproduce the style of the former “Far East Wall Street”. Although these buildings are not from the same designer or built in the same period, their architectural color tone is basically unified. The overall contour line handles amazing coordination. Whether it is a far -sighted or walking, you can feel a kind of healthy, magnificent, grace, and luxurious momentum.
    Nanjing Road
    Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is located in Huangpu District, Shanghai, from Tibet Middle Road in the west, to Henan Middle Road in the east. “Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street” 6 characters. The pedestrian street, which was completed on the 50th anniversary of the National Day, has renewed the “100 -year -old Nanjing Road”, becoming another beautiful city in Shanghai. The design of the landscape environment of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street adheres to the principle of “people -oriented”. The scale of various sketches, street furniture, and light rods is coordinated with the scale of people and buildings to create a comfortable and leisurely shopping environment for tourists. If the Beijing Hutong is a combination of ancient and modern, then Shanghai Nanjing Road shows a new era and a gadget in the new era. Some people once said that even in the night, the neon light cards on Nanjing Road can become a scene. Here, the symbol temptation of modern commercial atmosphere is everywhere. It is surrounded by things, dizzying, drunkenness.
    Old City God Temple
    “It is equivalent to not going to the Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai, which is not too big.” Generally speaking, Shanghai City God Temple refers to the old town of Huangpu District. It is called “Yu Garden” in tourist attractions, that is, the former Shanghai County City God Temple. This is a famous Jiangnan classical garden, a national key cultural relics protection unit. As a long history of the city god temple in Shanghai, a lot of tourists come here every year to visit and tourism. Chenghuang Temple Snacks are also famous all over the country with the popularity of the Chenghuang Temple. The Chenghuang Temple in the bustling city is even more like a century -old old man who quietly stare at the thousands of purple and red in Shanghai. Here, a bouquet of incense, thinking about his hometown, but he only wants to grow drunk and unwilling. Awake.
    Tianfang is a fashion landmark creative industry gathering area formed by the unique Shikumen building group unique to Shanghai. It is also the creative work base of many artists. “Xintiandi Second”. In fact, in addition to the same fashion, she has many differences from Xintiandi. There are more than 40 arts stores settled on Taikang Road, and more than 20 studios and design rooms settled in. Tianzifang is the street sign of Shanghai Taikang Road Art Street. The ribbons above the sculpture will connect the artists of the five continents and four oceans. Tian Zifang shows more of Shanghai’s kind, warm and noisy side. As long as you walk in this most flavor of Shanghai Beach today, it is not difficult to experience Tianzifang’s unique personality. Walking in Tianzifang, walking in a maze -like alley, a specialty shop and art workshop jump into your sight inadvertently. From teahouses, open -air restaurants, open -air cafes, galleries, home furnishings to handicrafts, and many well -known creative studios in Shanghai, it should be described as everything.
    The Mrs. Tussauds The waxing museum
    The Mrs. Tussauds Wax Museum in Shanghai, Shanghai Nanjing Road New World, Shanghai Tussauds, Shanghai Tussauds, officially opened on May 1, 2006. This is also the 6th Madame Tussa -Mrs. Tussauds in London, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, New York, and Hong Kong. Mrs. Tussauds is famous all over the world for creating wonderful wax figures of celebrities. Mrs. Tussauds in Shanghai is divided into seven theme exhibition areas: “behind the scenes”, “Shanghai Charm”, “History Celebrities”, “Movie”, “Music”, “Sports” and “Speed”. A total of 70 including Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Beckham, Jordan, Teresa Teng, Anita Mui, Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Princess Diana, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, etc. Multiple lifelike celebrity wax figures. Compared with several other exhibition halls, the high -tech elements of Mrs. Tussauds The Waxing Museum can be described as the most advanced, and it is also the world’s richest interactive experience. The exhibition hall also has an experience area, which can be used as a hand mold for yourself as a permanent commemorative collection.
    Oriental Pearl
    The oriental Pearl Radio TV Tower, also known as the Oriental Pearl Tower, is a TV tower located in Shanghai, China. Located in Lujiazui, Pudong New District, Shanghai, it is adjacent to the Huangpu River, which is across the river. The Oriental Pearl Tower is designed by Jiang Huancheng of Shanghai Modern Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. Height is 467.9 meters, the first tallest tower in Asia, and the world’s third tower, second only to Canada’s Canada CN TV Tower (553.3 meters) and the Ostno TV Tower (540.1 meters) in Russia. It is one of the landmarks of Shanghai. Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower is a iconic building in Shanghai Bund and a high tourist attraction at the financial center of Shanghai Lujiazui. On the TV tower, you can view the whole view of the Bund. In the distance, it is Shanghai Pudong, and the Huangpu River flows under his feet. As a building in Shanghai in some years, the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower has witnessed various historical rise and fall since the development of Shanghai’s reform and opening up.
    If in Shanghai, referred to as “Shanghai” or “Shen”, is the birthplace of the Communist Party of China. The first batch of open coastal open cities. The entrance to the Haikou of the Shanghai Land is the core city of the leading city of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the G60 Science and Technology Corridor. Looking at the East China Sea and Kyushu Island, Japan, it is on the south of Hangzhou Bay and the north, west, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Shanghai Tourism must go to local and attractions,
    Shang Shanghai Yuyuan, Shanghai Chenghuang Temple, Shanghai Bund, Oriental Pearl, Bund Tunnel, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai Horse Opera City, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Century Park, China Art Palace (Expo Park) , Saudi Pavilion, Wax Museum of Mrs. Shanghai Tussauds, Shanghai Happy Valley Shuma Water World, Shanghai Sunshine Port, Shanghai Happy Time, Shanghai Shangri -La, Shanghai Hurricane Bay, Shanghai Gold Mine Town, Shanghai Ant Kingdom, Shanghai Global Financial Center, Shanghai Lujiazui Central Greenland, Shanghai Jinmao Building, Shanghai Huaihai Road,
    In the fun free travel place around Shanghai, collect it!
    Clouds and terraces
    Clouds and terraces are the largest terraces in East China. They are named one of the 40 most beautiful attractions in mainland China by CNN, known as “China’s most beautiful terraced fields”; Such as the end of the Taoyuan, the terraced fields on the slope, the sparkling like a ladder that is straight up to the clouds, a magnificent painting roll
    Shantang Street
    among the many streets and alleys in Suzhou , Known as “Gusu’s First Street”! There is no need for tickets to enter Yamitang Old Street. It is very suitable for walking around in the afternoon. Individual attractions on the old street need to buy tickets. Whether you enter it depends on the preferences of each person. rn    甪直古镇 rn   甪直,被誉为“神州水乡第一镇”。 There are many water, bridges, and a characteristic of Zhizhi Town. Has always enjoyed the beauty of the “bridge” of Jiangnan. The original Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties in the ancient town of ancient towns in the ancient town of ancient town were 41 and a half of the stone arch bridges. n West Lake
    The poems in the predecessors said: “Each of the shores is strange, the mountains and rivers are appropriate, only the words are picturesque, and they are not known in the painting.” As a national 5A -level scenic spot, the world cultural heritage, these famous names are the reasons for recommendation!
    The gossip field site park
    齐 has eight horn, and the field is divided into eight mounds. There are eight different types of crops on Baqiu Tian. Throughout the year, eight types of crops present eight different colors. Among Baqiu Tian, ​​there is a round mound, which is a Tai Chi map of Banyin and Banyang.
    The ancient people here mostly use red mud to make walls, forming the architectural style of red walls and green tiles. Especially when the sunset is down, the landscape is more beautiful. There is a well -preserved ancient road in the mountains, which is rated as a national outdoor hiking line.
    The Nanjing Museum
    In Nanjing Museum is one of the three largest museums in China and the three major museums in China. It is the earliest museum in China. It is a large -scale comprehensive provincial history and art museum. Sexual History and Art Museum, National Key Museum
    of the Shogunate Mountain
    “The Forty -eight Scenic Scenery of the Gu Jinling” is in the Shogunate Mountain (Shogunate ascending, Dharma Ancient Cave, Yongji River Stream, Hualongli, Jiashan Wen Jing, Yanji Xi Zhao). Here, I look at the Yangtze River, watch the sunset, and let it go.
    Theyi Road
    This are located here many foreign buildings, celebrities’ old houses and other Republic of China buildings. It is the most concentrated place in the Republic of China in Nanjing. Zhang Shouren, a well -known writer who had lived on Yixi Road in the 1950s, recalled that Nanjing Yiche Road was a classic work in the city villa area of ​​China.
    Qinchuan Village
    The geographical environment of Qinchuan Village is unique, and the entire village is inlaid between the narrow wind mountains and mountains. As soon as you walk into Qinchuan Village, you can feel a kind of artistic conception of Tao Yuanming’s “Under the East Restaurant of Chrysanthemum and See Nanshan”
    Guyan painting towns
    The hometown of Chinese photography creation is full of romantic literary atmosphere. Among them, the historical and cultural relics of the ancient camphor group, the ancient village ancient village, the ancient village of the ancient town, the celadon ancient kiln site, the ancient monument group, and the ancient tomb of the Song Dynasty
    After the cultivation, the landscape of nearly 2,000 acres of high mountain terraces has been created, which will definitely be amazing. The ditch is injecting water, the sea of ​​clouds changes in the mountains, and the high mountain terraces are layered, like a fairyland.
    Dongqian Lake
    Although there is no gorgeous beauty of West Lake, it is more like a half -hugged pipa. Here you can walk leisurely, and occasionally stop, letting your thoughts flutter, you can also step on the bicycle and fly around the lake.
    The Nanjing Yunjin Museum
    The Nanjing Yunjin Museum is the only Yunjin professional museum in China. It mainly shows the art of Chinese nation weaving represented by Nanjing Yunjin.
    Cuzi Temple
    The center of the Qinhuai scenery belt -Muzi Temple, the flowing water, and the crowds coming and going, not only beautiful scenery, but also delicious Qinhuai Ba Jue, of course, it is indispensable for it.
    The loyal king’s palace of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
    The palace of loyalty, the prefecture of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Li Xiucheng, the typical Suzhou garden landscape, the most famous of which is the wisteria tree planted by Wen Zhengming. It is now separated. The previous ticket was 20 yuan now. It is worth playing
    The Suzhou Bullet Museum
    is located in Zhangjiaxiang, Pingjiang Road, adjacent to the Kunqu Museum. There are more than 12,000 precious historical materials in the museum, and hundreds of alphabetics and scripts. Or listen to Suzhou Kunqu opera at 8 am, free every day. But at night, the old man said that like Karaoke, 20 yuan a song.
    The ancient fiber Road
    Ancient fiber road, the ancient fiber road is located in the Shaoxing section of the canal in the east of Zhejiang. It crosses the whole territory of Shaoxing from the east and west. Avoid the barrier of the wind and waves. It is lying on the Xixing Canal, a major wonders on the Xiao Shao Canal.
    Ashu Wang Temple
    Ashoka Temple is the only millennium ancient temple named after Ayuro king in my country. In the Ashoka Temple, there are more and more cultural relics such as stele, stone carvings, and Tibetan ancient books.
    The mountain weir water conservancy site scenic area
    . It is known as the four major water conservancy projects in ancient China with Zheng Guoqu, Lingqu, and Dujiangyan in China. It is a national key cultural relics protection unit. All of the weir surfaces are made of stones. The weir body is a woodstone structure. There are more than a thousand years without rotting for more than a thousand years.
    The Central Park of Lake Lake
    is located on the banks of Taihu Lake, also known as “World Wonderful European City”. It is CCTV film and television shooting base. “Prehistoric Stone Array”, Portugal “Barenta”, Norwegian “Rural Church”, German Castle, Russian Manor, Italian “water courtyard” and “European Street” and so on.
    Thenan Temple
    Thenan Temple was built in the early years of Emperor Wu of the South Liang Liang (547 AD). The old is called “Liangxi Feng Dasao, Shouhuishan, Second South Zen”. It has a long history and a large scale and a monk.
    is the remaining pulse of the extension of Xishan and Huishan. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, the environment is beautiful, the soil is fertile, and the products are rich. It is known as “Xibei Taoyuan”.
    rushi Bridge Park
    This Ferris wheel and 100 -meter high spray are really Wuxi landmark buildings, it will go ~
    three Tianzhu
    One of them, there are not many tourists, but the incense is very strong. Leslie Cheung’s fans set up their spiritual positions for Leslie Cheung in the Tibetan Hall. Every year, my brother’s birthday and taboo days have fans to come to sacrifice. The three temples of Tianzhu are majestic and tightly layout. Although they are not as famous as Lingyin, they are the best places for burning incense and blessing in the minds of the locals.
    Mana Fa Yun
    Millennium ancient villages, century -old ancient wood, clear bamboo forest, green green tea garden, small bridges flowing water, a small stream flowing slowly, clouds and mist. When you are standing in the courtyard of Fayun Anxuan, walking here has a thousand -year historical slate road, as if historical crossing
    Yunqi bamboo trails
    , Go to Xixi Wetland to see the reeds, but I do n’t know that there is a very quiet bamboo sea in the south of the west. The name of Yunqi bamboo trail vividly depicts the artistic conception of this attraction vividly.
    Wanwan Song Academy
    The story of Liang Zhu has been circulating throughout the ages, and Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai have three years in the same window. The academy is located on the north of Fenghuang Mountain. It was founded in the Tang Dynasty. The Ming agent Wang Yangming once lectured here, with deep historical heritage.
    Dongguan Street
    The 4A -level scenic spot in the country is the most representative historical street in Yangzhou and the top ten historical and cultural streets in China.
    The island of Baisha
    The is a pure fishing hometown in eastern Putuo. The scenery is beautiful and beautiful. It is located in the south of the famous Buddhist sacred place in Putuo. It is close to the adapted fish field. It is an excellent place for sea fishing. It has the name of “sea fishing park”. At the same time, it is also a good place for leisure and vacation.
    Gaolin Temple
    The four major jungles of Buddhist Zen in my country, the full name of the full name of Zhenjiang Jinshan Temple, Changzhou Tianning Temple, and Ningbo Tiantong Temple, which not only enjoys a fame in China, but also affects far and Southeast Asian countries. In 1983, the Religious Affairs Bureau of the State Council officially listed Gaozhu Temple as one of the national key temples.
    This stone cave sky
    Yangzhou Lao Pen Garden is opposite to Hongqiaofang. The scenery in the park is beautiful, especially the “Rolling Stone Cave Sky”. It is one of the 24 scenes of Yangzhou in the Qing Dynasty. , Majestic and handsome, Wan opened from the sky, the cave and Fengfeng returned, the rocks are hidden, the canyon is dangerous, the clear spring is rotated, plus the building, the pavilion, the pavilion, the platform, the corridor, and the palaces are cleverly covered with the rockery. Essence
    The Greater Canal
    In 486 BC, Wu Wangfu rejected the first canal in the history of human history, the gap. Yangzhou was born of the canal and flourished by the canal. The canal passed through the city from the southeast of Yangzhou City. There are many historical sites along the line. Walking along the canal, it is also a good choice ~~
    Xijin Gudu
    Xizudu is also known as the History and Cultural District of Xijindu. Ancient streets are located here.
    Itlun Yangshashan
    is mainly composed of 4 islands connected to the reef. There are 4 major landscapes: Hongyan Chi Reef, Mother Island, Great Wall on the Sea, and Silver Light Beach. The mountains of the four islands are bright red, the base of the mountain is dark red or red, the red -eyed red reef is full of attitude, the style is 10,000
    Lu Xun’s hometown
    Lu Xun’s hometown is located on Lu Xun Middle Road, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province Lu Xun’s hometown is the most intact, the most cultural connotation and the classic historical district of the ancient city of the water village
    The love story of Luyou and Tang Yan’s beautiful and moving, legend Marry Tang Yan, deep affection, and was forced to divorce. The two met in Shenyuan. Lu You was sorry, the word “The Feng Toufeng” was in the wall, and the pain of “demanding”. Tang Yan saw it, and his feelings were absolutely affectionate, and he died of depression soon. In his later years, he visited Shen Yuan several times, and the spring waves were green under the Bridge of Fu Shi.

    Zijin Mountain is a national key scenic spot. In history, some people use the “tiger dragon plate” to describe the danger of Nanjing. Lie on the east of Nanjing.
    1, Jinmao Building 88 Floor Tourism Hall Jinmao Building is located in the golden area of ​​Lujiazui Financial Trade Zone, Pudong New District, Shanghai, and is across the river with the famous Bund scenic area. The total height of the Chicago SOM Architects in the United States is 420.5 meters. It is currently the third highest building in the world and China’s top building, covering an area of ​​23,000 square meters, 88 floors above ground, 3 floors underground, 6 floors in the skirt, with a total construction area of ​​29 29 Ten thousand square meters. There are office buildings, Jinmao Hyatt Hotel, Tourism Hall, etc. in the building. Jinmao Building has both a modern style and a national style.
    2, Yuyuanyu Garden is the only well -preserved Jiangnan classical garden in Shanghai, a national key cultural relics protection unit. The Yuyuan was founded in the 38th year of the Ming Jiajing (1559). In the 5th year of Wanli (1577), it was expanded. The garden owner Pan Yunduan was a administrative envoy in Sichuan. The construction of this garden was for the “happy old relative”, so he was named Yuyuan. After the liberation of Shanghai, it was fully repaired. In 1987, the east was rebuilt, and the scenery of the scenery more than a hundred years ago was restored. Now it covers more than 30 acres. The whole garden is good at the victory of Jiangnan gardens. There are more than 40 wins.
    3, Shanghai World Expo Park 2010 World Expo (EXPO 2010) is a preparatory World Expo. It was held in Shanghai, China in 2010. It is also the first time that it has been held by China for the first time. The theme of the Shanghai World Expo is “city, making life better” (Better City, Better Life). The organizer is expected to attract 70 million visitors from all over the world, with a total investment of 45 billion yuan, surpassing the Beijing Olympic Games, and is the largest scale in the history of the World Expo.
    4, Oriental Pearl Oriental Pearl Radio Radio and TV Tower is located on the tip of Lujiazui, Pudong, the Huangpu River, and is across the river with the Bund’s Bund’s Architecture Expo. The tower is 468 meters high. It is the first high tower in Asia, the third tower in the world, and the Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge on the left and right sides. The designer of the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower is fantasizingly fantasizing about the eleven spheres of different sizes, high and low. The newly completed world -class Shanghai International Convention Center (1999 Fortune Forum Shanghai Annual Conference venue), the two earth spheres, constitute the magnificent landscape full of “big beads and small beads and the jade plate”.
    5. The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is located at the Lujiazui Financial Trade Center of Pudong. It is adjacent to the famous Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Building, Pearl Park, Binjiang Avenue, and Huangpu River in the north, and it is across the river from the bustling Puxi Bund; The Pudong high -rise building complex in the south of the south; It will constitute a golden area for tourism, shopping, and sightseeing in Pudong region, and become a very characteristic multi -functional tourism and leisure attraction that integrates tourism, leisure and entertainment, and science education in Shanghai.

    6, 150 years ago, when the colonists set foot on the strange land in Shanghai, they fancy this river beach in Huangpu River. As a result, this one was a fiber trap that the boatman and hard work came out. After more than a hundred years of construction, high -rise buildings are lined and carn. These classical and modern buildings have become a symbol of Shanghai.

    It go to Shanghai, I think these places have to go.
    1. Shanghai Bund.
    It go to Shanghai Bund, first go to the Oriental Pearl, look at the Oriental Pearl Tower, and go to the square to admire Marshal Chen Yi.

    2, oriental oasis
    do you have to go to the Oriental Oasis, you must go to see the aircraft carrier model.

    3, Laoshan National Forest Park
    of course you have to go to Laoshan National Forest Park to see the Observatory, climb the mountain road, and take a closer look along the way The legend of Shan Shan’s origin.

    4, Shanghai Museum
    It to Shanghai, you have to go to the Shanghai Museum, a large number of cultural relics and collections will make you dazzle, and the history involved is more Let you sigh the splendid Chinese civilization.

    5, Shanghai Botanical Garden
    You cannot miss the Shanghai Botanical Garden. Various plants in the sea will also make you dizzy. Not only can it be full of eyes, but also broaden the horizons.

    6, Song Qingling’s former residence, etc., you can understand the glorious history of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries.
    The fun places in Shanghai. To say the best, it depends on personal interest. I have relatives in Shanghai. Basically, I will accompany my parents every year. I have been to many places. I will share it with my personal experience.
    Sunan Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street: Shanghai’s famous commercial street, which is representative. There is also the saying “Shili Nanjing Road, a new world”. There are many Shanghai Tu specialties and old names, such as Shen Dacheng cakes, Xinya food, first food, etc., are all my favorite.

    It Shanghai Bund: Not far away from Nanjing Road, you can get to the Bund. Look at the Huangpu River, and the Oriental Pearl on the opposite side has a panoramic view. You can also take the sightseeing tunnel to Pudong, or take a boat to see the night view, which is beautiful.

    This Temple: The crab yellow bag here is very famous, and there are Wuxiang beans. Every time you go, bring it to your friends. In addition, its architecture is also very characteristic. I think it is worth a go.

    If you still can’t be sure, you can learn more about the local introduction, such as WeChat public account, or a local day trip. Hope the above can help you.
    is not the best play, only a better place for you. “The most fun”, it depends on your preference.
    If you like to experience interaction, the Disneyland in Pudong New District is the first choice. The cost of tickets on weekdays is 399 yuan, and the price of the peak day ticket is 575 yuan. There can be a little discount for buying two -day coupon or online ticket purchase. The end point of Metro Line 11 is.
    It is the Happy Valley of Songjiang. The full ticket price is 200 yuan. The address is at No. 888 Linhu Road, Laoshan Town, Songjiang District.
    The oriental oasis of Qingpu, 40 yuan, the above attractions are particularly suitable for young people, and it is also very exciting.
    It if you like knowledge categories, you can go to the Shanghai Museum. It is one of the four major museums in China. The collection is quite rich. This is free. You can take Line 8 or Line 2. Natural Museum (in Jing’an Sculpture Park) tickets for 30 yuan. There is also the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, with a ticket of 60 yuan, which can be taken by Metro Line 2.
    In addition, Shanghai’s 3D printing museum is also quite good, Gucun, Baoshan District.
    If like to watch the lively, Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Chenghuang Temple, Nanjing Road, etc. are representative.
    Is like the ancient town of Jiangnan. You can see the representative Zhujiajiao (free) Qibao Old Street or Zhao Jialou, and the ancient town of Fengjing, etc.
    If you like to see the urban pastoral in Shanghai, the beautiful countryside or the village of revitalization of the country should go to one or two. Such as Minhang’s innovative village, Jinshan’s reservoir village, Fengxian’s Wufang Village, etc.
    The Xuhui Binjiang in Shanghai, Hongqiao Four Leaf Grass -National Convention and Exhibition Center, Lujiazui, Sinan Road, Yuyuan Road. Nice

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