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  1. WeChat is now one of the essential social communication tools in our lives. Through WeChat, we can immediately think of WeChat friends send information, or make voice calls, or video calls, etc. In WeChat, there is also a WeChat group. Its role seems to be pulled into a group of people in a room, and everyone can hear them alone. So the question comes. If a friend wants to enter the group, how can he pull him into the WeChat group? The two methods are as follows:
    . Invite the group through WeChat:
    1, open WeChat, find the group chat that needs to be invited
    2, click group chat, and then click [... ... .]
    3. At this time, we can see that there are [ ] and [-] numbers behind the group members. Here we are inviting others to enter the group. The invited personnel, then click the determination key in the lower right corner
    5. At this time, you will see the at the bottom of the group chat with a system message. XX joins the group chat, which also means that the person was successfully invited to enter the group.
    . Enter the group through WeChat QR code

    1. Open WeChat and find the group chat that needs to be invited
    2, click group chat, and then click [... ... 】
    3, select the group QR code, there will be a QR code after opening
    4, sharing this QR code, and the people who scan this QR code will enter the group, but when the number of groups is 200, the number of people will over 200 people over 200 people. You can't use it later.

  2. There are two ways of WeChat to pull people entering the group. One is to share the QR code -pull people, and the other is to directly pull people through WeChat. It should be noted that if the number of people in the group is large, the other party agrees to enter the group. The specific steps of the two methods are as follows.
    QR code plus people:
    1. Click "Three Points" in the upper right corner of WeChat group to enter the group settings (as shown below):

    2. Code (as shown below):

    3. Click the "three points" in the upper right corner of the QR code (as shown below):

    4. After the picture, send it to a friend. If you scan the QR code, you can enter the group chat (as shown below):

    WeChat group directly pulls people:
    1. "Enter the group settings (as shown below):

    2. Click the additional number in the group member list (as shown below):

    3. Click on the friends who need to invite, click to complete, if the friend agree, you will enter the group (as shown below):

  3. Open WeChat, click at the upper right corner of the group, then click the addition, check the person who needs to pull, click OK, wait for the owner to agree.
    Mi WeChat how to create group chat: 1. Click the additional number in the upper right corner in the WeChat interface.
    2. Click to initiate group chat.
    3, choose a communication friend you want to initiate a group chat, choose a close friend and click to complete the upper right corner.
    4. Click the upper right corner of the group to enter the group chat setting interface.
    5, after arriving at the group settings interface, click the group chat name to set the group name.
    6, click the addition or minus number to add or delete the group members.
    7. Click to delete and exit to exit the current group chat.
    This reminder: 1. The current number of WeChat groups is 500.
    2, WeChat groups are equivalent to discussing group forms, without group numbers.
    3, after the creation of WeChat groups, group members can also pull others to join the group, or apply through the QR code of the WeChat group.

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