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  1. Because I was ready to change the battery for my electric vehicle recently, I planned to replace the lithium battery, but I did not know that the lithium battery of that brand was durable and good quality. Therefore, I visited the local electric vehicle repair shop. Friends, and inquiries on the Internet at the same time, and then comprehensively recommend the battery of four brands from the comprehensive factors such as quality and cost -effectiveness and actual sales. During the dimension, the recommendations made, to help friends who have the same confusion as a reference when choosing an electric vehicle battery. In the following table one, I listed several batteries with good sales of these brands and basic parameters, as well as basic parameters, so that friends are convenient for small partners to buy batteries as a reference. In the general table below, the products with high sales of each brand are summarized, and the actual sales price of an e -commerce platform is used as a reference appendix, and it is convenient for the small partners to be used as a reference basis when purchasing batteries. Next, I introduced the battery products one by one, and I made a description and suggestion why I recommend this battery to make it easier for my friends to have a general understanding when buying. I. Ultra -Vowor Lithium Battery 1. Product model Chaowei Lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery 48V40AH lithium iron phosphate 48V 40AH (AW) warranty two years 2. Product parameter single battery capacity: 40A3. Reference price Reference price: 3199 Yuan 4. Lithium battery, which is recommended, is definitely not the quality of the lithium battery. It is said that the price is more expensive. Compared with graphene batteries, the cost -effectiveness of lithium batteries is not high. Therefore, it is very There are few people who install lithium batteries, and do not talk about the price -performance ratio. Only the quality is the quality. So in lithium battery, I recommend this. Third, Tianneng Lithium Battery 1. Product model Tianneng Lithium battery 72v60v48V Two -wheel Motorboa takeaway electric three -wheeled courier battery battery battery 72V20AH2. Product parameter single battery capacity: 25A3. Reference price 60V25A, reference price: 2058 yuan. 4. The recommendation reason for the recommended reason is that the quality is very good. In the maintenance stores and car dealers, as well as the sales of e -commerce platforms, the Tianneng lithium battery is better. Some friends are often easy to ignore the battery when buying a battery There are many levels of single capacity, that is, [HA] in the battery capacity, 12A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 30A, the larger the parameters, the more expensive the battery, and the larger the mileage of the battery life. This is like 12A of 12A. The lithium battery is a small barrel, and 30A is a large pool, so the amount of electricity stored will be larger than 12A, and it will be farther to run. When buying the battery The capacity, and the 25A of the Tianneng battery is very large in terms of capacity. V. Bonbang Lithium Battery 1. Product type Bang Lithium Lithium Battery 48V Electric Vehicle 60V Tricss Lithium Battery 2. Product Parameters Single Capacity: 25A3. Reference price 60V25A, Reference Price: 1809 yuan 4. Recommended reason for Bang Bang's lithium battery quality is good in good quality. , Large enterprises and big brands have reliable quality. From the perspective of battery capacity, Bang's lithium battery has reached 25A in terms of capacity, excellent performance, and large sales. The user's word of mouth is good. 6. Xingyuema Lithium Battery 1. Product type Xingyuema 48V electric vehicle lithium battery 2. One product parameters, battery capacity: 60A3. Reference price Reference price: 2769.00 Very good, the quality of the Xingyuema lithium battery is very good, the single battery reaches sixty -0 security, the performance is also excellent, and the sales volume on the e -commerce platform is relatively high. The above is the lithium battery brands that I have compiled by my friends. If the friends have different opinions, please leave a message below and share your experience in electric vehicle batteries to help more Many friends who are also confused as a reference when buying batteries.

  2. Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd., a well -known brand of lithium battery, a well -known trademark of Tianjin, Tianjin famous brand, China Lithium Electric's representative brand, national key new products, one of the major domestic investment scale and the highest technical level of lithium -ion batteries Essence

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, which brand of electric vehicle lithium batteries is better? 1. Chaowei Chilwee Chaowei has more than 20 years of research and development experience. He has participated in the formulation of 11 national and industry standards. A large number of civil scientific research institutions have been established in China. The Chinese market share of Western Bicycle Battery products exceeds 40%, which is a veritable electric bicycle battery leading enterprise in China. Chaowei battery is still mainly based on lead -acid battery products. There are black gold series, silver alloy series, and Chaowei No. 1 series. These series are mainly the difference between the electrodes and the internal components of the board grid. The company's Zhejiang Chaowei Chuangyuan is responsible. Lithium battery products can be designed to replace the same type of lead -acid batteries, but they do not form a series. Chaowei's silver alloy series battery is its star product. A small amount of silver components are added to the battery alloy barricine to strengthen corrosion resistance, improve and enhance the battery deep discharge cycle performance, and increase the battery capacity. 2. Tianneng Shanghai Haibao Special Power was previously born in the Shanghai Seventy -1 Battery Factory, which was born in the 1960s. It was a benchmark company in the battery industry. China's first electric bicycle battery was developed by Haibao Battery and Shanghai Bicycle Second Plant. of. Shanghai Haibao has multiple series of products: strong Pro series, H5 series, Wang Zhongwang series, road bully series, rare earth alloy patent, etc., similar to the current approach of battery manufacturers. Optimize some battery performance. 3. Haibao Shanghai Haibao Special Power was previously born in the Shanghai Seventy -1 Battery Factory, which was born in the 1960s. It was a benchmark company in the battery industry. China's first electric bicycle battery was developed by Haibao Battery and Shanghai Bicycle Second Plant. Essence

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