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  1. WeChat marketing skills and words
    The friends in the circle of friends need to build their own potential. In fact, it is to pack yourself, because the circle of friends is a closed space. The information you send unless others block you, it can definitely occupy the screen of others. It must make yourself attracting others' attention. The following is my compilation of micro -business marketing skills and words. Welcome to refer to!
    It WeChat marketing skills First: Improve your circle of friends
    The image of the circle of friends is your own image, which includes your own The cover of the circle of friends, your avatars, personalized signatures, and circle of friends. Imagine that if your circle spreads some negative words every day, will customers believe you after watching it? What needs to be explained here is that it is best to be a real photo of the avatar of the sales staff. You can add some beauty effects to have a certain degree of recognition. The WeChat name must also be briefly remembered. When you read it, you can use the poster of the mall and so on.
    : When the client’s confidant
    mades and the sales staff will say: I add the customer, but there is no communication between us, or it is over I don’t know how to speak? Actually, you do n’t find the right way. For example After that, you can talk about some customers who like and care about topics. When they understand each other, they bring their own products. This will at least not cause the customer's dislike. Sales staff should think about the problem completely from the perspective of customers. It should be noted that when we are chatting with customers, it is best to add some titles: sister, brother, etc., look kind.
    Third: Create your own personality label
    It in modern society, everyone is labeled by this era, such as: small freshness, food, literary style, Bai Fumei and so on. Of course, you can also design a iconic action, wearing iconic accessories, and so on.
    Fourth: cleverly show their strength
    people have the psychology. When you introduce a product, do not exaggerate the product effect, because the customer is not stupid, the eyes are clear, so when you sell it When you do it, you may wish to start with the background of the product or other customers after use. In this way, when others look at it, others use so well, then I try it,
    The error that is easy to appear is to sell it for the first time. It is too proactive. Unilateral explanations ignore the feelings of others. Similarly, being a micro -business, the first time to chat with strange friends is not suitable to do product sales guidance. The chance of transaction is very small. It is too close to the losses. So how can we open the topic and make a good impression, and can establish a trust relationship for the future? The key is to make an open chat!
    Open questioning
    What is an open question? For example : Where do you usually go to play? What kind of car do you usually drive? When are you free? When are you convenient to come to my house? What do you like to wear? What do you eat? How much do you have? What about investment? Wait, this kind of question can be answered selectively, and there are no standard answers. You can choose to tell the truth, or you can choose to tell the truth. The other party will feel that it is easy to chat with you desire.
    Open questioning skills are: one question, multiple answers. The benefits of learning and using open interrogation or his role are to understand the customer background, understand each other's weaknesses, increase the topic of communicating with customers, and avoid embarrassing situations. topic.
    Tracky question
    What is a closed question? For example: Do you go to play? Do you drive? Do you have any empty? Do you not do this project? Do you eat it? Do you want to invest? Wait, this question cannot be answered selectively, only the answer is or not, or not, right or wrong, do or do not do it. wait.
    The closed question is: a question, a answer. After others answered, there would be no topic to go on. This kind of questioning method is threatened in it, just like the police trial, very depressed, sometimes I do n’t know the answer or the answer is not good. With an open chat, you use closed -type chat, so it is difficult to open the topic. The reason why many people do not reply to you is because they do not want to answer your questions.
    The first sentence of greeting with others, in fact, is destined to talk to you further. Therefore, the correctness of the questioning method has a lot to do with whether it is decent. Learn to be a person who speaks, ask questions, and communicate. If you want to do a good job of micro -business, it is more important than anything.

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