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  1. Adult products are the health products industry.
    It with the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of sexual life is getting higher and higher. Therefore, sexual health supplies begin to surface, and sexual health products are defined as "adult toys".
    Mestivistic experts and vice chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Society, Zhu Jiaming, introduced that the essence of adult sex products is "adult toys", and its appearance has positive social significance. Unmarried young people, migrant workers, long -term single goes, divergent divorce people, elderly couples, physiological defects, and disabled people have a good demand for sexual health care. More than 5.95%of the use of sexual supplies for couples can enhance sexual interests, and their feelings are more harmonious, which is conducive to family harmony.
    The biggest significance of adult supplies is to improve people's quality of life, so it is also called health care products.
    Pucting information:
    A health supplies market:
    The market of sex health products is growing at a rate of 63.9%per year. develop.
    The radio stations across the country have opened sexual knowledge columns, and there are many audiences. At the same time, various media in the society have vigorously promoted the rapid popularization of sexual knowledge, and the sexual health supplies market has expanded rapidly.
    It expert predictions, with the gradual change of people's ideas, after three to five years, my country will enter the peak of consumption of sexual supplies. And the pace is getting faster and faster.
    With the popularity of sexual knowledge, people's ideas have gradually changed. The improvement of income has also promoted the rapid development of adult supplies for the high requirements of the quality of life.
    The output of adults in China ranks first in the world, but most of them are exported. The domestic sales are not large. Combined with the above conditions, it is clear that the domestic market has huge potential to develop. Moreover, the government's containment of adult products has gradually weakened, and it has gradually changed to a standardized development of supporting health industries.
    Reference materials Source: Adult Products_ 百度 贴

  2. 1. Health supplies industry;

    2. Adult supplies refer to the use of some auxiliary supplies to help adults get sexual assistance, which can not only increase sexual interest, improve sexual quality, but also bring sexual health to sex health. Positive effect. For example, women in menopause can use adults to maintain vaginal elasticity to avoid urinating incontinence and other diseases. Some doctors also recommend adult toys to women who can't reach orgasm.

    3. Sexual health is good for systemic health. Using adult toys can improve the feelings of various organs of the body and make the human body more sensitive to some discomfort. Whether it is charming and erotic uniforms, sexy underwear, sex lubricating products, sex toys, adult supplies are used to strengthen the organ touch brought by your sexual contact, making gender life closer.

    4. The main use of adult supplies
    The first category: young people who have no sexual experience are very curious about sex because they have not experienced sex, because there are many varieties, many of them have never seen it before, many they have never seen before, and they have never seen it before. It also made them curious and experienced adult appliances to experience.
    The category: Adult supplies: Those who have worked abroad for a long time are working or traveling abroad. People who do not want to have a relationship with the opposite sex are also a group of adult supplies. Sea workers who have long -term sailing, long -term single -time miners, geological staff who have long been engaged in wild operations for a long time, etc. Because they are often separated from separation, both husband and wife may have the needs of sexual products, so sexual supplies can also play a key reconciliation role.
    Third category: People with no freshness in sex: Many people think that these things will not be used between husband and wife. In fact, adult products can improve sexual love between husband and wife, such as: auxiliary equipment, supplies, and so on. A 40 -year -old buyer said: "The marriage time is long, and the life of husband and wife is boring. If you want to use this, you can bring freshness to life, and help increase the relationship between husband and wife, and will not make sex life boring."
    The category 4: The use of adult supplies: For those who do not harmonize sexual desire, due to the differences in the physiological structure of men and women, men quickly finish in sexual life and the woman has not reached a climax. Sexual orgasm make up for the unpleasantness caused by the man; there is another situation that the man has strong sexual desire and the woman is relatively cold. Such men can also use sexual supplies masturbation appliances to solve sexual needs. Products.
    The fifth category: The decline in sexual functions is inevitable with the age of the elderly, but it does not mean that the elderly cannot live a sexual life. So don't ignore the elderly, there is sexual needs. Many elderly men in seventh or eighty years old can still make their young wives pregnant, and although elderly women have lost their fertility, they can live a sexual life. Therefore, as long as you maintain a good mentality and establish a sexual life model corresponding to age, the elderly can also enjoy the happiness brought by adult products.
    Category 6: The disabled people are a gospel for the disabled. There are some reasons that they do not get married, especially the disabled people. Because many disabled people cannot live a normal sexual life, although their physical disability, they are physiological, but physiological physiology The demand on the top did not decrease at all. You can use adult supplies to meet the physiological needs.

  3. It belongs to the sub -category under medical care.
    The adult supplies industry is gradually standardized,
    but it cannot be advertised like other industries.

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