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  1. It is the Beiguan used car market in Shouguang City.
    The second -hand car market has stabilized for ten years. In the past ten years, the Beiguan used car market has been large to large from small to large. From the five rows and ten rows, only car transactions have been carried out. It is now expanded to existing daily car transactions and fixed parking spaces. Car buying and selling.
    It’s from simple car trading to other places to go through the procedures to the current multi -function second -hand car trading centers such as car transactions, car identification evaluation, car violation processing, car listing, and transfer. There are more than 200 households in the Beiguan used car market. There are more than 6,000 square meters of boutique car exhibition sales halls, and 320 boutique cars can be entered into the hall to show at the same time.
    For the supporting service functions of the second -hand car trading market, it is more convenient to make all the business households entering and exiting the market. Area.
    The matters that should be paid attention to in the Beiguan used car market in Shouguang City;
    Is when buying used cars: car age, mileage, body condition, whether it is an accident car, whether the violations have been handled, is it soaked, is it soaked? Waterwheels, whether the procedures are complete, when the insurance expires.
    The cars that have occurred in the accident can generally find traces on the anti -collision beam. Open the front cabin cover and use a flashlight to see if there are scars or marks of welding.
    This water trucks can only do simple inspections are door frames, carpets and rear luggage spare tires. The part of the door frame needs to be removed to remove the door gum to observe whether there are loess or water stains inside, and the carpet in the car can also be observed.

  2. The largest used car market in Shandong is in Linyi, and the Linyi used car market is the largest.
    The second -hand car market transaction volume in Linyi is estimated to be about 3,000 vehicles. The price contains all the Porsche 911 from 20,000 yuan to 1 million. You can pick up files nationwide.
    The shops are divided into open -air shops and indoor shops. Open -heaven shops are like Chinese cabbage on the roadside. The price is relatively cheap.车内看到后备箱里前任车主的篮球、水杯和擦车巾等,这些车的车况都还是不错的,具体看了大概十几辆车,没有发现很大的事故车,但是更换大灯、 The body sheet metal, painted paint, and the body rust is found.
    The second -hand car boutique store, the condition of the car is much better. Not only does the interior clean up like the new car, but some small scratches will also be sprayed. You can hardly see that the previous generation owner has used this. The traces of the car, of course, are also very expensive, about 10%to 15%more expensive than open -air stores.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Langtian Used Car Market is the support project of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance, the center of Linyi used car trading, and one of the largest used car trading markets in the country. The market is located at 500 meters from Linyi and Beijing -Shanghai Expressway, Linyi Expressway, covering an area of ​​500 acres, with a total investment of 220 million yuan, 9,000 parking spaces, more than 1,600 resettlement operators, and 100,000 second -hand cars in annual transactions. The remaining vehicles achieved a transaction value of more than 5 billion. The market has a motor vehicle registration service station, a motor vehicle testing center, a boutique used car trading area, an ordinary used car trading area, a truck trading area, a car maintenance beauty and vehicle trading service area. The market is complete, and the market is directly in the market to serve the masses directly under the vehicle management office of the Municipal Traffic Police Detachment. It is an industrial chain market such as vehicle trading, vehicle transfer, annual examination of vehicle, environmental protection inspection, used car installment loan insurance, and maintenance and decoration. Relying on the popularity of the Linyi Mall, the outer ring, and the high -speed transportation advantages, the network is integrated. It integrates second -hand car dealers inside and outside the province. It is an ideal place for the masses to buy and sell second -hand cars and handle vehicle business. Address: 500 meters from Linyi and Beijing -Shanghai Expressway Linyi Exit of Linxi Road 500 metersnI hope the above answers are helpful to you. If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it

  4. Shandong Zaozhuang is the largest second -hand car transaction gathering place

    I know, the Qingdao Lancun car trading market is very large
    ! There are a lot of second -hand trading market in Linyi, and the used car market in Linyi is also very famous!

  5. Every city has a used car market, but the biggest ones in Jinan, you can go to the Jinan used car market for Baidu maps to go

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