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  1. One of the top ten air purifiers: Norsen Berg German Seiko Norsen Berg Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high -tech innovation enterprise focusing on air purifiers and fresh air systems. It integrates research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and services. Since 2008, it has participated in the design and product supply chain research of large -scale pollution treatment in China, and has cooperated with several air purification enterprises. With the high, fine, sharp production concept and strong R

  2. Top ten air purifiers ranking?

    In statistics, there are currently 130 air purifiers manufacturers in China that can be found in China, and most of them have their own brands. In terms of scale, the competitiveness of UYD air purifiers is the largest. UYD is currently the world’s leading air purifier brand and is famous for its military quality.

    This Ranking of the Air Purifier Ranking:

    1. UYD air purifier

    , 3M air purifier

    3, Philips Philips air purifier

    4. Sharp Sharp air purifier

    5, Panasonic Panasonic electronic cigarette
    n 6. Allerair air purifier

    7. Brooyal air purifier

    8. Honeywell air purifier

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear! Hello! This is Teacher C9, I am glad to serve you! Please wait a moment, don’t worry, I will answer it immediately! Teacher C9 is invited by Baidu to ask the high -quality respondent!nQuestion about the world ranking of Ejison Air Purifier WorldnAnswer according to sales rankingn1 Xiaomi-Xiaomi2 Philips-Sharp5 Midea-Midea6 Panasonic-Honeywell-Haier9 Smith -A. O. Smith10 Gold-DaikinnQuestion brand rankingnAnswer 1 Xiaomi-Xiaomi2 Philips-Sharp5 Midea-Midea6 Panasonic-Honeywell-Haier9 Smith -A. O. Smith10 Gold-DaikinnEggson, the top 10 cannot be ranked according to salesnRecommended AsiannEggerson belongs to imported brands. The earliest brand in China is Yadu; the two are not comparable, but in my opinion, there is no other advantage in except for imported brands and import technology. As the earliest brand in China, the technology is the same as Eggerson, and it is more suitable for the Chinese market. Eggerson’s price is high, but the function is not as good as expected. Both are weaker than Asia.nThe brand ranking should be ranked 20 in China. He is imported. There are also Chinese factory production.nThe air purifier should not just look at the brand. There are many except expensive, and the functions are not so goodnQuestion why Xiaomi air purifier has so good salesnThose advantagesnAnswer because Xiaomi is cheap and easy to use, intelligentnMainly mobile phones can be controllednHello kiss, the answer is helpful to you? If there are other questions, please consult me ​​at 24 hours. If you help you, please give me a praise, thank you first.nMore 14nBleak

  4. The top ten brands of air purifiers are: Philips, Panasonic, Yadu, Sharp, Honeywell, Dajin, Great Da, Midea, Odo, Di Simai.

  5. Science of air purifier
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