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  1. Commercial banks are divided into office, company banking management department, personal bank development management department, risk management department, and business department. Each department has different responsibilities. Please refer to the introduction of the French Network Bank Law Editing. 1. Office 1. Organize the standardization of branch administrative management, human resources management, and security management system specifications, and organize implementation; 2. Responsible for organizing important work meetings of branches, branch governors office meetings, establish branches and external information dissemination channels and information information Communication mechanism, drafting comprehensive documents and other text materials for branches. 3. Responsible for the administrative reception at the branch level, the daily office and official activities of the branch leaders. Assist the leaders of the branch to do a good job of comprehensive coordination; 4. Formulate business management specifications of office systems such as internal and external websites, document processing, conversion system, and video conference system, and organize implementation; 5. Responsible for the government, regulatory authorities, service providers , The media and other external institutions establish a good public relationship, maintain the image and interests of branches; 6. Lead the formulation and implement the annual work plan of the branch security guards; responsible for implementing the branch of the branch business outlets of the branch, and organize the implementation of the branch business outlets of the security protection basic nature Standardized construction of facilities; 7. Responsible for information technology support such as branch network management, system management, and front desk support; 8. Responsibilities of undertaking branches’ office business asset management; property management responsible for branches office space; undertaking branch materials and fixed assets The responsibility of management is responsible for establishing and implementing branches of material management, fixed asset purchase management system, specifications and procedures. 9. Prepare the business plan and financial budget of branches, and follow up and analyze the implementation of the implementation; be responsible for the establishment and reporting of relevant statistical statements of branches; 10. In accordance with the branch management management management policy and indicator system Evaluation management work; 11. The determination of various business rates, interest rates and exchange rates within the jurisdiction; the management and investment decision of large capital expenditures in the jurisdiction; 12. According to the relevant regulations of fund management, carry out the RMB business; implement The policy of branches asset -liability management and monitoring its implementation. 2. Company Bank Business Management Department 1. According to the branch business strategic planning and work plan of the branch company, combined with the local characteristics of the branch and the overall business development needs, formulate branches’ banking business, company banking products and trade and financial business development plans and annual business plans of the year , And organize implementation; 2. Promote the overall operation of the bank’s bank business line and the construction of related rules and regulations, and organize implementation; 3. Carry out industry analysis and market research, determine the branch customer marketing and risk prevention and control strategies, promote branch marketing The team’s operating goals and compliance operations are stable; 4. Carry out market research and interbank product analysis, and implement the company’s bank products to innovate and optimize; , Coordinate the marketing team of various marketing teams, establish internal marketing mechanisms for branches, and promote the ability and value mining capabilities of important customers; 6. Carry out the product operation and marketing of the bank’s bank products, and realize brand operations and marketing promotion 7. Implement the business market planning function of the branch company, promote the establishment, improvement, maintenance and brand management of business brand image, and promote the development Manager and product manager team construction; 9. Formulate training plans for employees of branches company banks, organize employees’ business knowledge, work skills and comprehensive quality training, and carry out various post qualification examinations; 10. Design related product marketing solutions according to key customer needs Support customer managers to sell product sales, track business progress, provide professional services, and assist other business departments to carry out cross -selling product; 11. Carry out the construction of branch companies’ bank business compliance construction, carry out company bank product standardization operations and various risk inspections, monitoring, monitoring, monitoring Report the risk of compliance and implement compliance internal control management; 12. Maintain the branch corporate relationship management system of the branch, build the company’s business information management platform; , Analyze and report business business status; 14. Carry out comprehensive affairs such as administrative secretary and information management of the branch company’s banking department, and give full play to their duties such as comprehensive management, supporting services and coordinating supervision. 3. Personal Bank Development Management Department 1. In accordance with the strategic goals and annual development plans of personal banks in the branch, formulate branches’ personal banking business, personal credit business annual business plan and annual budget, and promote the implementation goals. The rules and regulations of the personal credit business of the total branch, combine the regional characteristics to formulate detailed standards, and conduct daily management of the personal credit business of the branch; 3. Comprehensively coordinate the reasonable investment in the internal and external resources, analyze and study the local market needs, conduct individual loan product portfolios Packaging and sales promotion, promote the development goals and annual performance indicators of the individual banks of the branch; 4. According to the requirements of the personal banking line of the branch, promote the business development, business process transformation, retail outlet transformation, and improve service quality of the branch. Work; 5. Combined with the local market conditions, formulate detailed access standards and access procedures for borrowers, mortgage, and business cooperation agencies, and gradually establish evaluation and exit mechanisms; 6. Examination and approval of personal credit business within the authorized quota , Examine the personal credit business of super -authorized quota; 7. Organize the implementation of post -daily post -daily loan management of personal credit, and dynamically monitor the status of personal credit assets of the branch; Operation and product development, submit business needs in information technology; 9. Participate in the planning of publicity, individual gold linkage projects and major personal credit projects, organize and implement the sales plan for individual loan products, and be responsible for sales tracking and information feedback, cooperate with the formulation of marketing awards The plan and carry out the assessment of the institutions of the jurisdiction; 10. Lead the branch of the personal banking line team of the branch to promote the business training and team building of the personal banking line human resources, and implement Review and manage, product, policy training, consultation, etc., and implement the performance assessment of managers and customer managers at all levels of silver lines; Health operation; 12. According to the business management requirements of the branch, formulate the development plan and implementation strategy of regional market bank cards, personal liabilities and payment settlement products, and implement corresponding business management; The regional market personal banking wealth management business business plan, implementing the management system and management process of various products and business products and business of wealth management, developing our personal wealth wealth customer group and VIP customer group, promoting bank wealth management products, funds, securities collection wealth management, insurance, insurance , Gold, foreign exchange treasures, third -party depository and other products for personal wealth management product system; 14. The follow -up management of employee loans, including loan management of distribution of transit, handling of special cases, archives transfer, mortgage registration and other samples, etc. Work. 4. Risk Management Department 1. Responsible for the functions of branch risk policy management, process management, and post -loan inspection functions; 2. Details and specific provisions of the implementation of branch risk management; guidance and supervision of policy systems , And make adjustments in time according to the risk status of the branch; 3. Participate in the formulation and adjustment of the credit policies of the branch company’s business, and be responsible for formulating the branch of the branch of the branch and the adjustment of credit risk policies; The examiner and the approval person regulate the relevant credit policies, systems and processes, etc., and promote the construction of the branch of the “professional loan” mechanism of the public business; Transfer authorization implementation; 5. Responsible for the management of the branch company/individual credit business after loan, guide and supervise the company’s credit operation agencies to implement post -loan inspection, early warning, risk classification and other work requirements, and implement internal inspection of the company/individual credit business And surveillance; 6. Responsible for the asset preservation of branches; organize legal affairs work; 7. Statistics, analysis and reporting the risk status of branch companies/individual credit business; Examination/approval business training; 9. Evaluation and assessment of risk management of risk management bar institutions, personnel and business institutions within the jurisdiction; 10. Responsible for the credit business review work in the area under its jurisdiction, organize the credit approval committee and portfolio approval work Complete the credit business approval of the relevant authorization authority, and perform the review and application of the super -authorized authority business. V. Business Department 1. According to the business development strategy of the main branch, formulate the development plan, write an annual work plan, summarize, and report the business department, and organize the implementation of key performance indicators of the department; Regulations, complete the operation and processing of account management and payment settlement business; 3. In accordance with the business rules and regulations and operating procedures of the operating lines of the main branch, complete the offshore business and custody business related operation operations responsible for the business department; 4. According to the external external The foreign exchange management requirements of the General Administration of Management, the territorial external management branch, and the specific implementation of the implementation operation rules of the main branch to complete the compliance review and processing of various operations operations; Operating inspection, operating error management, operating internal control system operation management, bank -enterprise reconciliation management and other work specifications, specifically undertake the city’s post -city affairs supervision and centralized operations, operate internal control system monitoring operations, bank -enterprise reconciliation, and organize operation business inspections; 6 According to the anti -money laundering operations formulated by the local people’s bank’s anti -money laundering department and the total branch, complete the work and statistics of the domestic and foreign currency anti -money laundering business; Silver, foreign currency and securities; responsible for important blank vouchers, library custody products, library items, inventory fake coins, cash ticket samples and other physical storage work; be responsible for leading cash to local interbank The proportion of various ticket currencies, do a good job of cash return and supply; be responsible for the business treatment of anti -fakes and revenue of cash business in the business department; the coordinated marketing department should do a good job of extended service; The centralized processing of business, local currency liquidation business, and various card business, and implement centralized operations on out -of -line self -service equipment and other businesses; 9. Carry out centralized operations of related business in the centralized system Information, timely summarize, standardize the integrated and centralized operation operation process, and propose optimization implementation plans; 10. Implement the centralized management of customer account information and printing cards of the business department; 11. Undertake the management management of funds business in off -site branches, be responsible for formulating operating procedures, and at the same time Cooperate with new products and new businesses, organize and implement relevant inspections, training, counseling and other tasks; 12. Responsible for the centralized processing of lending review and accounting of the credit business of the business department, and be responsible for centralized management of the files and deductions of (quality). Control the operational risk of credit distribution links.

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