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  1. The operation of the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Business Chamber of Commerce has been confirmed as a pyramid scheme for the police. The following is the secretary of the Secretary of the Liangqing District Party Committee of Nanning City, Guangxi:
    In surveys, the so -called "Chinese Commercial Chamber of Commerce Operation" is just a deceitful gimmick. A well -known pyramid schema is still MLM in its essence. It also has a variety of characteristics such as pulling people, charging high entry fees, and team rewards.
    "China Commercial Chamber of Commerce Operation" type MLM generally does not have any real objects. The main excuses are "investment, financing development Beibu Gulf", "investment in China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone", "Participate in the Western Development" and so on , To the abstract of a so -called "share/product" for the joke. The role of "share/product" in the process of MLM is the same as the role played by other ordinary MLM physical products. They all serve as a medium for MLM organizations to seek illegal interests.
    "China Business Chamber of Commerce Operation" MLM organizers can get 9.8 million yuan to get 9.8 million yuan and 45%of each product as national taxes and corporate costs and profits. The essence is still a pyramid scam. It is a drama for very few people to collect wealth. Most participants will lose their blood and even lose their family.
    Myromicular organizations make many people who are anxious to get rich by fabricating lies. I believe that the pie will fall off in the sky, and it is difficult to extricate the MLM trap. An important feature of MLM is "killing". Participants will not hesitate to cheat money, and even parents, spouses, and relatives have been pulled into MLM quagmires, which has caused the trust between people, people, and society. Social integrity and morality system.
    "China Commercial Chamber of Commerce Operation" is based on the Guangxi Economic Ascension Capital as an excuse. Through the disconnection of state leaders' speeches and related policies, the "Chinese Commercial Chamber of Commerce Operation" has been acquired and policy support from the government. And the excessive participants will lead to the financial capital bubble as a reason to interpret various special propaganda and strike activities as the government's intention to adopt macro -control methods, trying to put a reasonable and legal coat on the "Chinese Commercial Chamber of Commerce Operation", which is very strong. Furiousness.
    A even some so -called "successful people" to deceive the offline, spend their own costs "successfully pretending to have money", often please eat and drink, go in and out of high -end consumer venues, in order to cause a "industry in the industry "It is easy to make the illusion of money, so that more people will be deceived into the MLM trap.
    The party committees and governments in our urban area have always listed the combination of MLM work as an important task for the comprehensive governance of social management and maintaining social stability. , Continuously increase the crackdown on key areas and communities.
    Please do not be deceived, and as soon as possible with the office of the Leading Group of MLM work with our city (Contact number: 0771-4300100) or public security (contact number: 110), industrial and commercial (contact number: 12315) and other functional departments to get contact In order to further verify the situation and take action in our urban area and take action in a timely manner to severely crack down on MLM organizations.
    The expansion information: The following is the court of MLM Organization of the "Guangxi Beibu Gulf Business Chamber of Commerce Operation":

    On December 19, 2018, the Jiangnan District Court opened a trial and involved 24 defendants. Organization and leadership of MLM activities crimes. Twenty -four "MLM Consumers" and other "MLM CEOs" such as Zhong Mou and Tian were charged with the crime of organizing and leading MLM activities. In the way of "business chamber of business", they seduce personnel from foreign provinces to Nanning to engage in MLM activities. On the same day, due to the large number of defendants and the complicated MLM participants, the trial continued from the morning to the evening, and the case will be pronounced on the day.
    The morning in the court of the No. 1 court of the Jiangnan District Court, some of the defendants' family members went to the court to hear the trial. At 9:30, with the judge's elliptical oval, 24 "MLM CEO" was brought to the court by the bailiff. The defendant in the case involved in Shenyang, Liaoning, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, and Yantai, Shandong.

    The "post -80s" and "MLM Congress" Zhong Mou from Xinmin City, Liaoning. Among the defendants who were tried on the day, many people had a close relationship with him. Before joining the MLM organization, Zhong Mou did business in his hometown, and his life was good. In 2014, his friends engaged in MLM invited him to Nanning for inspection. In Nanning, under the constant advocacy of friends, he was convinced of MLM.
    In after joining the MLM organization, Zhong Mou quickly developed offline. Yongmou Ming, Tian and others who appeared in court at the same time at the same time were the members of the offline. As of July 3 last year, Zhongmou's offline MLM personnel Tian Mou and others have reached the boss level. On the same day, Zhong Mou was captured by public security personnel in Xixiangtang District for suspected organizational and leading pyramid schemes. On July 4th, the Jiangnan Public Security Branch was detained and arrested by the Jiangnan Public Security Bureau on August 11.
    The reviewed by 2014, since 2014, Zhong has established a MLM organization with its core, called "Commercial Chamber of Commerce Operation" (also known as "Pure Capital Operation" and "Chain Sales") in Nanning. It is called "Doctor".

    The MLM organization requires participants to pay 3800 yuan to 50,800 yuan in the form of subscription share to get qualifications, and form a hierarchy in order According to the basis of the number of members directly or indirectly developed under the umbrellas, the members of the organization continue to develop others to join the MLM organization.
    The public prosecution agency believes that 24 people such as Zhong and Liu, and other 24 people, in the name of participating in the "Business Chamber of Commerce", and requesting participants to obtain the additional qualifications by purchasing share, use the number of developers as the basis for rebate, to seduce participation to participate in participation The person continues to develop others to participate in the MLM organization, which seriously disrupts the social and economic order.
    24's behavior of the defendants all violated the provisions of Article 224 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China. According to law, the criminal responsibility of 24 defendants should be held in accordance with the law. On the day of the trial, due to the large number of people involved and the complicated cases, the trial continued from 9:30 am to the evening. It is reported that the case will be pronounced on the trial day.
    Reference information Source: People's Daily-Netizen Nanning Tourism Insurance Falling into the MLM Trap official: Scam
    Reference Data Source: Guangxi News Network-seduced the 24 MLM "boss" in the guise of high returns to "Trial

  2. The operation of the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Business Chamber of Commerce has been defined by the police as MLM. The following is a report by the police arrested the MLM organization:
    In the disclosure of the Beihai Police, at 22 on the evening of March 20, 2012, the police rented a house for a local residential community. Carrying out an assault investigation, 9 pyramid schemes such as Yin Mou, who are summarized by the funds, seized 257,000 yuan in cash, 12 bank cards, and a batch of MLM books, bookkeeping books and learning materials.

    The police introduced that Yin, who had only studied in primary school for three years and had never been far away, was deceived by relatives to Beihai to join the "capital operation" in October 2008. By deceiving many relatives to join Upper MLM "boss".
    In early February 2012, after Yin was dispersed by the police, he colluded with MLM lascors, 禇 Mou Ding, and Nie Mouzhen, and established the "Capital Operation Chamber of Commerce" portal to make money by the "Beibu Gulf Development" Commercial Chamber of Commerce 'project. "For bait, trick relatives and friends to join in to collect money.
    The police said that from the beginning of February this year to the arrest, the organization developed 47 people offline and charged more than 3 million yuan in MLM cash. In addition to leaving some cash as the "commission reward" and daily expenses, most of the funds are deposited in his wife Fu, cousin Chen, and his own bank account opened in Yunnan. After the trial verification, the police, with the support of the Yunnan police, frozen the 770,000 yuan MLM funds of the two people's accounts of Fu Mou and Chen.
    Pucting information: The following is the MLM organization to find a job to seduce MLM and control the rescue of personal freedom by the police:
    On September 11, 2017, Xinjiang Women's Xiaoli (pseudonym) was by Beihai Yinhai Public Security Branch When the policeman was rescued from a pyramid scheme, his eyes were red and swollen and his face was stunned. Later, she told the police about her experience in the MLM dens step by step.
    Xiaoli is 26 years old. In early August 2017, she met a female netizen Su Mou through her mobile WeChat. During the chat, Su claimed to be the director of the personnel department of a factory in Beihai. Xiaoli was very happy to find something to do. Su Mou signed quickly, let Xiaoli come to Beihai to find her, and also said that she would go to the train station to welcome. Seeing Su Mou was so enthusiastic and refreshing, Xiaoli took a 65 -hour train from his hometown to Beihai on August 16.

    Sub -then, Su Mou took Xiaoli to the rental house she rented. After following Su into the so -called home, Xiaoli found that there were still many people living in the house, and Su called the company's "colleague". Xiaoli immediately suspected that she was deceived to the MLM den. That night, the "boss" in MLM gangs began to give them classes, "brainwashing", talking about the structure, business method, business model, and some small stories of business in the organization. Dongxing Play.
    During the next day, MLM personnel such as "boss" continued to "brainwash" in class. You can usually chat, play cards, play chess, etc., "boss" also takes them to visit, "explaining" the country's policies for Beibu Gulf. Under the banner of "capital operation" and "business chamber of operation", the MLM organization advocates 69,800 yuan in investment, which can return 10.4 million yuan. Gradually, Xiaoli was getting deeper and deeper, so she lied to the family to do business with friends here and let the family get 100,000 yuan.
    Ar's mother, Ms. Shao, found that something was wrong, and immediately bought a ticket to Beihai. On the morning of September 11, 2017, Ms. Shao came to Beihai. After many calls of her daughter, she chose to call the police. According to the information provided by Ms. Shao, the police infected that Xiaoli was likely to fall into the MLM organization. The Yinhai Public Security Bureau's crackdown on the MLM professional team was immediately deployed. With the strong support of the relevant departments of the branch bureau, the MLM den lock the roughly area in a community near the window of the ocean.
    In a comprehensive investigation around this community, and finally determined the specific position of the MLM den. The police found that the door of the house locked from the inside, and no one opened the door several times. So he immediately contacted the landlord of the rental house, and with his assistance, the police quickly entered the room and controlled 12 people on the scene in time. At this point, Xiaoli was successfully rescued.
    The courtyard of the MLM professional team in the Yinhai Public Security Branch, Ms. Shao saw her daughter who had never seen in January, and immediately cried with Xiaoli, and expressed her sincerity to the police. Through the patience of the police, Xiaoli expressed her willingness to go home with her mother. Twelve victims are currently repatriated. In the next step, the Yinhai Police will continue to increase the investigation and focus on the clues around it to strongly crack down on the MLM gang.
    Reference materials Source: China Jiangsu Net-Yunnan 9 villagers went to Guangxi to engage in MLM for 50 days to seduce 47 relatives and friends to join
    Reference materials Source: Guangxi News

  3. That is a disguised and advanced MLM. It seems that you are in danger of being brainwashed.
    The MLM will lie to you in various names, what crew, bags in the cafeteria, what tourism souvenirs, what engineering investment, what tourism and sightseeing vehicles, what company, what investment investment, etc., etc., there are many names. Essence
    Anyway, I lie to you to go to the field, then brainwash you, and lie to you to be offline. Also, you ask them a lot of sensitive questions. They can't answer them, that is, giving you a bend and letting you accept their brainwashing.
    The tactics such as Sunshine, Western Development, Level 5, Business Discussion, Reading Mask Rolling, Lecturer Exchange, and Artificial Dreams of A on the Lecture, etc. Late the money at home, voluntarily lie!
    Calling: condolences, pavement, excitement, indirect thoughts, direct ideas.

    It you will see that many people, father and son, and children and children are actually unwilling to develop. As a result, their family loses loses and more, and they are everywhere!
    Is there a company? We have never seen the product purchase order in half a year or even years in the industry. Why not give us those products? Is the company forged? Does anyone use this system and create a profit -making profit privately? Hey, be careful, what can you really make by tens of thousands of investment?
    Once you believe in your hypocritical friend, invest in twenty and 3,000th, and you will not use the value to make tens of millions. At that time, you can't get offline, don't blame others if you don't remind you. r r. If you join and the upper level, you will find that you can't make money at all. , Use money to control behavior!
    Once you finish the money, even if you realize that it is MLM, you have to pull the line to go back and pull the head.
    Once you are brainwashed, you will have a dream of making a lot of money every day. He firmly believes that the good publicity of MLM companies and consciously publicize the products of MLM companies.

    Whir MLM people feel that this is a state -supported project. From many aspects such as mobile phone cards, MLM law enforcement, banks, loans, etc., many people seem to have doubts. From the perspective of corporate operations, as well as me To understand real estate, I want to express my view.

    1. The mobile phone card is actually an ordinary group card. This is the easiest to be confirmed. There are all parts of the country. The group calls each other freely. It is not specially established for supporting MLM. In order to fight for users, mobile and Unicom, Telecom, etc. will set up different solutions according to different situations to make different people's needs. At first, only a dozen MLM personnel established various "Trading Co., Ltd." false groups, and used false groups to register group networks at telecommunications companies. Although the number of MLMs on the Internet is free, the MLM's phone calls are not all on the Internet. As more and more MLM personnel join, a large number of long -distance telecommunications companies generated when inviting new customers to invite new customers have created a long -distance telecommunications company created Great revenue, this is the profit point of telecommunications operators. Enterprises will not actively resist MLM in order to abandon huge profits. They push their responsibilities to the local government. In the operation of enterprises, it is not uncommon for such operating models to avoid the income of another part. If MLM's long -distance phone bills, SMS fees, GPRS flow fees, monthly rental fees, and colorful bells can be free, none of them can be explained that this is national support. Maybe telecom operators will have other profit points to support them to do such types business.

    . The situation of many banks is actually the same as the free mobile card. It is the result of the company's responsibility for making money. The post says that every bank has to line up, and everyone will pay a deposit of 100,000 up and down. Imagine that if there is such a large number of business, does the bank reject it? It will not take care of the government and cracking down on MLM. As more and more MLM people bring money, the number of banks has gradually developed. After the successful creation of the atmosphere of MLM in Guangxi, the bank became a inevitable layout in order to make money. They are the same as the telecommunications group that they can't control, and they can't control the local MLM. Just like the release of the household registration, the population can flow at will, and everyone will choose to stay easily to make money, such as Beishangguang, and now Guangdong is dominated by manufacturing. Due to the rise in exchange rates and other factors, the foreign population has greatly reduced. How good people are making money, there are business in some people, and banks do business.

    3. The local people's houses are all bank loans. This is actually not fresh at all. Because mortgage has become the main way to buy a home in all parts of the country in the past ten years, any city you go to, and the second and third lines can be based on mortgage. Bank loans are also banks' business. Prior to this year, the money of major banks in China was flooded. If they could loan, bank staff could make money, real estate developers can make money. Savings to pay for home once. This year, the People's Bank of China has continuously raised the deposit reserve and benchmark interest rates, which is to gradually tighten the money bag. In the future, the bank's money is good or not, depending on the country's overall economic trend.

    4. The most confusing is the issue of MLM law enforcement.
    The macro -control of real estate is a typical central policy and local countermeasures. Local governments can sell land to earn money, so they will negatively cope with macro -control.
    . MLM is the same. Because the local government is driven by interests, law enforcement is negatively responded to MLM. The interests of local governments are: where MLM concentration can drive local consumption, such as chickens that rise in house prices and often concentrate, MLMs are not the life of a clear ascetic monk, but also normal high consumption. The entire MLM system has learned experience in many struggles. As long as I do not disturb the people, as long as I have not been caught in the direct evidence of MLM, the law enforcement department cannot take me. So the local government is becoming more and more accustomed to the existence of MLM. At the same time, law enforcement is getting more and more difficult. As an individual law enforcement officer (even leadership), they will not care about the blood and tears behind each MLM. They only know that this work is difficult to catch and difficulty in obtaining evidence (caught people cannot count, to obtain direct evidence), repatriation Difficulty (the legs grow on the MLM, even if they are sent to the Antarctic, the MLM people will be easy to come back, so they will not buy high -range tickets when they are sent). They are laborious. In the long run, negative response has become inevitable. It should be said that at the legal level, the state's sanctions on MLM are not serious, resulting in too low illegal costs, so law enforcement has become inevitable.

    Note: The State Council of the People's Republic of China No. 444 "Prohibition of MLM Regulations"
    Note: Article 24 of the Criminal Law [Contract fraud; .

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    The light body, high climbing, heaven with the wishes,
    is serious, pretending to be in parallel, parallelism, parallel,

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