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  1. Target customers: 1. I want to eat cake. 2. I want to celebrate my family birthday. 3. I like to taste food. 4. Those who like colorful life.

  2. The audience is wide, and there are different types of cake shops. They are targeted at the elderly, children, professional white -collar workers, women, Baoma. So the skill of learning cake is good.

  3. Target customers: 1. I want to eat cake. 2. I want to celebrate my family birthday. 3. I like to taste food. 4. Those who like colorful life.
    The cake shop in the current market, brand sales staff can smile, but do not pay attention to selling products. In most cases, guests are free to choose from. It is necessary to systematically analyze the current situation and deeply understand the focus of sales performance. Today, we will lead everyone to analyze the three major marketing in the cake chain stores: selling products, selling services, and selling ideas.
    First of all, let’s talk about selling products. In fact, selling products is to hand over the baking products to the salesperson, give them the corresponding indicators and a reasonable reward mechanism, and let them find a way to sell the baking products. This is currently a big big. The sales model used by most cake chain stores, that is, a typical “product”. However, because most of the products of cake franchise stores are homogeneous, so the space for users to choose is very large. In the end, who will buy who is cheap, whoever says it will buy, or who is related to who is good at? I just buy it. Therefore, it is difficult for cake chain to be favored by customers, let alone their loyalty.
    It let’s talk about the sales service. In fact, in fact, in order to increase the profit of the cake store, we must be able to sell the products through the service, and to achieve the baking brand premium by selling services. A good brand image is established in the minds. Although the core products of the cake chain store on the market are similar, services can make up for the shortcomings of core products. Generally speaking, typical service content includes operating guidelines, fault diagnosis guidelines, consulting or upgrade services, customer training, maintenance, etc. However, this guarantee system is not achieved by the power of the sales staff, but by the system and the system, so as to maximize the efficacy of core products.
    So how can the cake shop reach the highest realm of baking marketing “selling ideas”? As we all know, the baking products of any cake chain shop cannot fully surpass the opponent. As a baking marketing personnel Demand, designing the most valuable direction to realize the most important transcendence is the most important. Generally speaking, as long as customers agree with this concept, they also agree with the baking products of the brand cake store. The cake chain store sells a kind of thought, a unified “selling point” summarized.

    The demand of different consumer groups is a misunderstanding that allows consumers to reduce the homogenization of cake chain stores. This is the brand cake shop to spend time, understand the needs of the target group, and and target customers Communication and systematic market surveys have doubled the profits of their cake shops.

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