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  1. In the stock market, the continuous rise in stocks is called a bull market, and the continuous decline of stocks is called bear market.
    The bull market is also called a long market, which means that the market is bullish and durates for a long time.
    The general market is generally diluted and stumbled is a bear market, which is the short market.
    Probably know the concept of bulls and bears. Many people have such questions. Is it a bear market or a bull market?
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    . How can it be sure whether it is a bear market or a bull market?
    It to infer whether the market market is a bear market or a bull market. According to these two modules, in fact, it is generally divided into the basics and technical surfaces.
    First of all, we can judge the market status from the fundamentals. The fundamentals are based on two aspects: the operating situation of the macroeconomic, the operation of listed companies, and the operation of the listed company. It’s almost: [Stock Market Barometer] First -hand information broadcast of the financial market
    Secondly, according to technical judgment, some reference values ​​can bring us more thinking, such as we can use volume and price relationship, quantitative ratio, and compassion. Settlement, gesture forms, or K -line combinations, etc. to judge the market conditions.
    For example, if the current is a bull market, there are far more people buying more than selling, so the rise of the K -line chart of many stocks is more obvious. Looking at it, if it is a bear market now, the person who buys stocks is far from being unable to catch up with the selling stocks, then the K -line chart of most individual stocks will have a clear downward trend.

    . How to judge the turning point of the bulls and bears?
    If when we enter the market, when the bull market is about to end, then the probability of buying stocks will be overwhelmed, so at this time it is likely to be the high point of the stock. When the bear market is about to end, the best time will be the best time. The timing of entering the market is difficult to make money or lose money.
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  2. The bull market is the market atmosphere that everyone is willing to use money for investment. Therefore, I personally think that the bull market is related to the country, the enterprise, and the individual.
    Is when the country’s economy is healthy, for example, exports are strong, consumption is booming, people have confidence in the country’s economy, and when they are full of investment enthusiasm.
    Is when the enterprise is developing, for example, the product is excellent and the structure is reasonable, and the enterprise’s own innovation ability can be proud of the heroes at the world.
    It when people are full of at hand, for example, they are rich in salary and comprehensive social security. You do n’t have to spend too much sale for selling houses, car purchase and chai oil and salt.
    of course, there is another situation called crazy cow. Many times, the crazy cow is here, not asking for the reason. But the result of the crazy cattle is usually not a lot of money, but a wolf. Therefore, let’s look forward to the prosperity of the country and the coming of a healthy bull market.

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