How to develop the tape market?

Please be sure to point out how to open up the Shanghai tape market?

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  1. The tape industry is very detailed.
    The finished product and semi -finished product, the finished product is a small roll after the separation, while the semi -finished product is the mother roll.
    The customers of finished products and semi -finished products are different. The semi -finished customers are large and small divisions, while the customers of the finished product are manufacturers and distributors.

    It, tapes are divided according to different use materials and other materials. There are transparent rubber, double -sided tape, beautiful pattern paper tape, OPP (cowhide paper), sponge double -sided tape, cloth tape, first aid tape, etc. Wait, the customer base faces different tapes is also different. As long as you have done a salesperson, you usually have corresponding training.

    Anyway, according to your target customer group to find customers, and then find customers through the Internet, yellow pages, telephones, etc. As long as your product quality is excellent, you can open the market.
    Nowadays, tape prices have fallen in the middle of this year.

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