4 thoughts on “What kind of career is the job direction after graduating from accounting electrification?”

  1. The development direction after learning accounting for accounting is also possible. The accounting industry is a professional professional. Professional accounting -oriented majors include corporate accounting, international accounting, and registered accountants. If you are only engaged in general accounting work, the competition is still fierce. In fact, the development of corporate accounting is actually good to the development of management accounting.
    If accounting electronic electronic graduation students are mainly engaged in grass -roots accounting, accounting analysis, accounting management for enterprises and institutions; they can engage in statistics and taxation; Accounting firms, asset evaluation firms, accounting consulting companies, tax agency companies, financial institutions and other units, engaged in cashier, accounting, auditing, taxation, securities, investment, evaluation and other economic management work, employment Job group:
    It's work content: mainly engaged in accounting, financial management, internal auditing, accounting electrification, accounting information management and other work in various types of enterprises, governments, and institutions.
    If of the name of the post: There are all kinds of enterprises, governments, and public institutions of cashier, accounting accountants, accountants, cashier, bookkeepers, tax reporters, factory workshop accounts, warehousing freight management Division, internal auditors, and general financial staff.
    In aspects of professional title: mainly accountants, assistant accountants (required a national unified examination), accountant (required a national unified examination), assistant auditors (requiring national unified examinations) and auditors (need to pass the nation through the whole country Unified exam).
    In aspects of the job: accountants and accountants who have jobs and accounts for jobs can be promoted to the financial supervisor, chief of finance, financial manager, chief financial officer, and chief accountant through hard work.
    Molly accounting before the popularization of computers was made by hand. Electrifying is to use computer software to make accounts. However, hand -made accounts are the basis of computer accounts. In the end, computers are just auxiliary means to help you reduce your workload. Solid accounting knowledge is the basis for determining all development in this industry in the future.

  2. Of course, it is accounting, and you can also be a financial analyst, a financial management, can make it, or be an accountant, which is a very good choice.

  3. You can engage in accounting category, you can engage in auditors, can also be engaged in the accountant, can also be engaged in silver recipients, or you can engage in financial supervisors.

  4. In fact, it is the accountant of accounting. In the future, it is also used to register. The current account registration is operated with a computer, which is this major.

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