Industrial and Commercial Registration: Integrated and Development of Financial and Tax Systems Challenge for the Financial Industry

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  1. With the integration and development of the fiscal and tax system, the continuous popularization of artificial intelligence, the reduction of corporate financial personnel, and many financial personnel face the fate of layoffs. This is a challenge to the financial industry! Let's take a look at the situation of the financial personnel and the financial industry with Mande Enterprise.
    1. Integrated system of finance and taxation
    The integrated software and various systems, calculate the electronic bookkeeping instead of all software such as accounting accounting. Use electronic invoices business travel system paperless reimbursement bank-enterprise direct connection BMP invoice management system ERP gold tax system and other systems for docking integration to achieve from expense reimbursement-> payment-> voucher generation, to entry invoice invoice -> Capital settlement-> Voucher generation, invoice invoice-> Acceptance settlement-> verification and accounting and other services, the entire process system is automated, people are only auxiliary operations, and the foundation of basic financial accounting is worrying.
    2. The demand for financial transformation accelerates
    With the rapid development of domestic enterprises in recent decades, the size of the enterprise has become larger and larger, and more and more financial staff. Thousands of people, but among these financial talents, a large number of people are the basic accounting staff. Once these companies accelerate the construction and implement financial transformation, the talent structure of the entire financial team will inevitably change. Enterprises will divide the financial staff into the financial staff into The number of strategic finance, business finance, accounting finance, the number of strategic finances and business finances will exceed the number of basic accounts, and accounting personnel will face a large number of elimination.
    3. The rapid development of the Financial Sharing Service Center
    If financial sharing is the cost of reimbursement, invoicing and receipt, invoice processing, general account reporting, fund payment, taxation, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes Various manual operations such as calculation, tax declaration form, and taxation declaration are transferred to a center for centralized treatment. After financial sharing, the financial -related operating affairs of the molecular company decreased a lot, followed by a large number of layoffs.
    4. The rise of financial outsourcing
    The emergence of small enterprises and financial outsourcing firms. Through agency accounting, one person can do accounting by many companies, and also reduces the needs of enterprises for financial personnel.
    For large and medium -sized enterprises, in addition to building financial sharing, the financial staff of the molecular company facing the wave of unemployment. When the financial sharing progresses to a certain stage, the financial outsourcing is followed. Outsourcing, enterprises only retain business financial personnel and strategic financial personnel and a small number of shared financial personnel. What follows is the unemployment tide of hundreds of people in the shared department of the enterprise group.
    5. Five challenges faced by the financial industry
    la ① Challenge brought about by the optimized version of the Gold Tax Three Project
    The optimized version of the third phase of the Gold Taxation Project launched in October 2016, the tax authority passed the gold tax three Periodic management software early warning evaluation system will conduct "double random" inspections on enterprises with major suspicious information.
    ② The burden of follow -up work of camp reform
    From May 1, 2016, my country has fully implemented the pilot project reform pilot, and the concept and methods of business reform have changed a lot. Intersection There is also some impact on the taxation behavior of the enterprise.
    ③The challenge of "double random" on taxation
    On May 24, 2016, the State Administration of Taxation issued the "Administrative Measures for Random Inspection Objective Library (Trial)" and "Tax Taxation Random Sample Inspection Random Sample Inspection Measures (Trial)" Administrative Measures for the Management Library of Law Enforcement Inspectors (Trial) ", and the" National Taxation Inspection Specification (1.0) "in early January 2017 was officially introduced. The continuous updates of these measures are sufficient to explain the problem.
    ④ Advances of accounting technology and methods for accountants
    At present, my country's informatization construction has made rapid progress, such as the reform of the "five certificates" commercial registration system. In 2017, the implementation of the Electronic Taxation Bureau's taxation declaration ?? These changes will inevitably affect the changes in accounting technology and methods.
    This is really a wave of unrest and one wave! The fate of the fiscal and taxation industry and the fiscal and taxation industry cannot say more, there is only one sentence, come on!
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