Rival took the golden ball day dim retirement, Higuain loser life

October 17, 2022 May be a day Gonzalo Higuain will never forget as he officially ended his career as an underdog after Miami International lost 3-0 to New York City in the playoffs. As sad as it was to say goodbye to a 20-year career in tears, it was even sadder that on the same day Higuain's former rival Karim Benzema came to the top of his game, picking up the Ballon d 'Or in Paris, Europe's highest individual accolade in football. After all, Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain are the same age.English Premier League. Now life has such a huge difference in circumstances, it is not without emotion.

Higuain got off to a good start in his career, rising to prominence in South American football as a teenager, moving to Real Madrid at the age of 18 and spending a number of major seasons with the Whites before becoming one of the biggest names in European football. He never thought his future would be linked with failure. But with the arrival of Benzema, his position in the team underwent a subtle change, and in the competition between the two gradually fell behind, and was eventually sold by Real Madrid to Napoli. Although he flourished in Serie A, his failure to stay at Real Madrid was a major failure, which was nothing compared to the ups and downs that followed.

Gonzalo Higuain came close to winning the 2014 World Cup, but his failure to reach the final was a badge of infamy that will haunt him forever, and a year later he was doomed to be branded a sucker for the tournament after squandering a chance in the Copa America final. Higuain's club performances over the same period, both at Napoli and Juventus, were as good as gold in Serie A, league titles and leading goalscorer. Without Cristiano Ronaldo's arrival, he might have stayed that way. Higuain's life began to go downhill in the summer of 2018, when Cristiano Ronaldo left for Bianconeri and he was given up on loan at AC Milan.

In Real Madrid, he was the back-up of Ronaldo, even because he could not be better compatible with Ronaldo and was eliminated from the team, after a long time playing in the Serie A league, but was kicked out of the club by Ronaldo. Such a tragic encounter, the Argentinian striker had a serious psychological imbalance, thus the birth of the famous scene of Higuain shouting at his old teammate Ronaldo. A few shouts symbolized his unwillingness, the way to do his grievance. Gonzalo Higuain finally returned to Juventus in the summer of 2019 after a failed loan spell at Chelsea. This time, he was not given up, but after a year of poor performances, the ambitious Juventus chose to release him early. Looking at the older than his own, Ronaldo still dominates, looking at the age of Messi, Aguero and other people are still thriving. Higuain resolutely chose to leave the five major leagues, to the major League of the United States to get a high salary pension.

While Gonzalo Higuain struggled in the big leagues, his rival at Real Madrid, Karim Benzema, entered his second career. The Frenchman not only captained the club, but also helped them win their 14th Champions League trophy, a feat that would have been difficult for Higuain, a striker of Benzema's age and even greater reputation. Psychologically, of course, it was a big blow. Under the influence of a variety of factors, Higuain chose to retire in place is not incomprehensible things, and the fate of the curse in general, he was eliminated sad retirement sad day, is Benzema crowned Mr. Golden Ball of joy, so Higuain already sad career more prominent sad. Such a loser's life is a tragedy. Hope Higuain can find his own happiness in his second life.

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