1 thought on “What dog is best to get sick and not get sick”

  1. Labrador. Labrador is one of the three major offensive dogs. He has a very docile personality and is more cute and cute. Don't be too cute when you are a child. It has dual use of working dogs and pet dogs. It is recognized by everyone! Lara is relatively strong and loves sports. It is rarely sick in itself. Raising Labrador is also easier for novice dogs!
    In from feeding, Labrador as long as he was regulated when he was a child, for this large dog, the survival rate was relatively high. After adulthood, Labrador's feeding costs are slightly higher than small dogs. Secondly, from the perspective of personality, Labrador is a large dog with high obedience, more obedient, lively, and has a good interaction with the owner. Its personality is very gentle and obedient, which can meet the needs of the owner's companionship.
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