2 thoughts on “Is there a shop where Xingtai sells pets?”

  1. I know that there are animal shops that buy aquarium crawling. It is on Wenyou Street. Not far from the Fifth Middle School
    dogs, cats, rabbits, rats and the like, you can go to Xingtai Dog City to buy it, just in Qiaodong Building Materials Market. Nearby
    is called the Nannan Building Materials Market, and there is also an East Niu Corner Market. It is not far from these two famous places. You can also inquire about it. N You can add me 75560695 to communicate, haha

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. The place where Xingtai sells dogs is about two or three hundred meters south of Xinxing East Street and Xingzhou South Road. When you see it at that time, it is basically a "market" in 2002 on Solidarity East Street and Xinhua North Road. At the southeast of the intersection, it was relocated to the current "Wulipu".nAsk the specific location, I asked this place, you answered this, I am not here, isn't this?nAnswer you can contact this dog house.nAsk me to find the address of the dog market that I move now, how can I find the accurate location after I pay it?nAnswer the Southwest working dog breeding base contact person: Manager Zhai Tel: WeChat: sell various hounds, work dogs, bit dogs, dog fighting dogs, Du Gao dogs, sheep dogs, black wolf dogs, Rowella Dog, Laizhou Red Dog, Caucasian Dog, Shandong Fine Dog Pet Dogs, etc.nDear, these two places are selling dogs, you can consult.nThere are contact information, buying dogs in the dog market, it is better to go to the dog house to buy it. If there is a problem with the dog, it is better to find someonenAsk this, ask you the question, what's the difference, do you need to ask if you want to go to the dog house and ask, you can find me the address of the dog market.nAnswer a little bit, dearnXingdu District, Xuandu District, Xingdu District, Xinggang North District, Xinggang North District, No. 3 West West 2 West West 2 West West 2nd, did you go to this place?nIsn't this a dog market?nAnswer yes, dog marketnThere is also a dog market outside the southernmost pet market on Kaiyuan South Road, Xingtaiqiao East District, and sets every Saturday and Sunday morning. 1. Kaiyuan Road is the former Old Xingzhou Road 2. Take the Express Road Kaiyuankou.nAsk the question, there is no herenAnswer dear ~ Is there no [whale whale]nDear, did you go? The intersection of Xiangdu Road and Baiquan Avenue, there are Saturdays and Sunday, no other timenQuestion Kaiyuan Road?nAnswer this in Xiangdu RoadnThat is the southernmost head of Xiangdu South Road, there is on Saturday and SundaynMore 17nBleak

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