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  1. 1. Get a raincoat for the dog
    2. If you are worried about the dirty paw, wear a small shoes
    3, stay outside for a short time outside, wait for it to finish it. After the rain, the dog is prone to lice and easy to catch a cold.
    Extended information:
    This dogs mean: Use the traction rope to leaving the dog out outdoors, you can walk for a walk, and some people ride a bicycle and electric car. Generally, puppy, the owner will take it to the park, let the dogs and their dog companions play for a while, and the big dog will pick a relatively few places. Several dog friends will meet together, and a few dogs play for a while. Generally, you need to walk the dog every day. Once in the morning and evening, the dog is a clean animal. Going out every day to walk the dog, most of them to take the dog to pee.
    Coster believes that dogs are domesticated from early humans from the Gray Wolf. The domestication time is 40,000 years ago to 15,000 years ago. Known as “the most loyal friend of human beings”, it is now the most breeding pet. Its life span is more than ten years.
    In Chinese culture, dogs are one of the zodiac signs and 11th among the zodiac signs.
    The civilized dog walking dogs, asking the dog owner to pull the dog. In public places and densely flowing places, the dog must hold a dog rope and bring a tool to clean up the dog’s stool. Only in such a civilized dog will not intensify the hate of dogs who do not raise dogs.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Walking Dog

  2. Text/teasing cats
    The summer high temperature and rainy rain, especially recently, many cities have reached the rainy season, and the rainy rainy rainy makes many small animals more likely to get sick. For parents of dogs, the most headache for the rainy season is inconvenient to go out to walk the dog.

    The dogs need to go out to bend every day. On the one hand, it is to ensure the amount of exercise, and on the other hand, it is to solve physiological problems. And it is easy to make the dogs wet all over the rain on a rainy day, which is easy to get dirty and dirty, and it is easy to make the dog have skin diseases. But it is unrealistic to not take a dog out, so how to solve this problem?
    In the dogs to buy raincoats and raincoats
    We when we go out when we go out on rainy days, we will wear umbrellas or wear raincoats, so as to ensure that we do not get wet as much as possible. In fact, dogs can also wear these equipment when it rains. Before the rainy season comes, we can buy a set of raincoats and raincoats for dogs, so that when the rainy season arrives, dogs can wear them to walk out. Putting on raincoats and raincoats, the fur of the dog can not be wet, so that the probability of soaring fur and skin disease will fall straight.
    This is bent at a place with good road conditions
    This to take a dog out on a rainy day, most afraid that they can make mud. Because the rain and dogs are engaged in mud, it is troublesome to come back to clean. Therefore, if you walk the dog on a rainy day, it is best to choose a place with good road conditions to walk the dog. Do not take the dogs to such places such as lawn and mud. You can choose a better drainage and clean board oil road to walk the dog, so that the probability of dogs to get dirty will be much lower.
    In room or blocking places to walk dogs
    If the rain is too large, you can also choose to walk dogs indoors or obscure outdoor, such as in a blocking community courtyard or park promenade. These places are covered, basically no water, and dogs can also be relatively activated. It is a good place to walk the dog in the rainy season. But it should be noted that we need to be a civilized shovel officer. This kind of public place walks dogs and do not affect others. The most important thing is that the dog’s excretion should be cleaned in time and do not burden other people.

  3. There are three main ways to walk dogs on a rainy day:
    1. Go to the local pet shop to buy dogs and shoes dedicated to dogs. With these things, you can go to walk the dog on a rainy day.
    2, running the stairs with a puppy, this method can achieve the purpose of walking the dog, but the person’s physical fitness requirements are relatively high.
    3, play more with puppies, so that a lot of puppies can consume the physical strength of the puppy to achieve the purpose of walking the dog.

  4. It is recommended that you go to the local pet shop to buy a dog’s raincoat and shoes for dogs. You can try it on the store. Generally, the dogs are worn for the first time. Most of the dogs are not very cooperative. The habit of wearing clothes can be cultivated slowly.

  5. It ’s home to rain on a rainy day. When you go out and get wet, do n’t say it, dogs will still be cold and sick, how cost -effective!
    I I do n’t want the dog to go out on a rainy day ~~ Is n’t it good to take it at home for a while?

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