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    Nowadays, people's life pressure is getting stronger, and the naive and cute traits of animals can allow people to get spiritual comfort. However, if you know that you are pregnant, these are usually accompanied by the pets of family and friends around you. Where should you go? Although it makesrs, pregnancy cannot be kept because there are bowworms. Some pregnant mothers like pets before they are pregnant and cannot leave their pets. If you have to keep pets during pregnancy, how can pregnant mothers get along with pets to be easy to abortion?
    Actually. Pregnant mothers can raise pets during pregnancy. As long as the main four points will be lost.
    operation method

    Statistics, about hundreds of human diseases are related to pets. Therefore, pregnant mothers must strengthen protective measures compared to their pets during pregnancy during pregnancy.
    I due to pets, especially cats and dogs. All kinds of germs can be spread by biting or licking wounds, especially the skin of the hand is particularly vulnerable to the invasion of the germs brought by pets. Therefore, pregnant mothers must do blood tests and prevent needles for pets before pregnancy, and regularly remove pets to pets.
    It, pregnant mothers should not let pets live in the bedroom or sleep in their beds. After touching the pet, you must wash your hands. In addition, pregnant mothers should avoid directly contacting the pets of the pets, which can clean up others in the home, or clean them with gloves. After contacting the pets, wash it thoroughly. Family people are best to take a bath for pets, clean up home and keep their home cleaning.
    The pregnant mothers should pay attention to various examinations
    not only pets should take prevention and check, but pregnant mothers should also have a pre -marital examination before pregnancy. In addition, pregnant mothers need toxoplasma antibodies before pregnancy. Generally speaking, the most important harm of pets to pregnant mothers is "Toxoplasma disease" that can cause fetal malformations through cat dung.
    Because the toxoplasma can be used through the mother's blood, placenta, uterus, amniotic fluid, vagina, etc., which causes embryo or fetal infection. Therefore Bad results caused in the future. Pregnant mothers should go to the hospital for Kazskey for examination at 3 months of pregnancy (12 weeks pregnant) to check bacterial infections such as bow -free insects.

    C selection of suitable pet breeding
    During pregnancy, the body and mind of pregnant women are under great pressure, and the mood is naturally more ups and downs. At this time, there is a pet companion, so You can give you a pleasant feeling for expectant mothers. As long as you pay more, even if you are pregnant, you don't need to abandon cute pets.
    If you want to raise pets after pregnancy, cats, dogs and other animals that pregnant mothers can raise, it is best to choose pets that are adults, stable personality, and well -educated. As for more dangerous or aggressive animals, It is better not to breed.
    Because of the pregnant mothers, the body is prone to tiredness, and it is more convenient to move. Originally, others need to take care of it. If you want to take care of the obedient or difficult to tame animals, the pets will become a burden! Xiaobian thinks that pregnant mothers are a good choice, because fish can play a role in regulating emotions. Therefore, if the pregnant mother raises it, it can also stabilize her mood.

    This to prevent the treatment of bow -shaped worms
    1. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to diet hygiene, meat should be fully cooked to avoid raw meat pollution cooked food.
    2. Animals should be kept at home, feeding cooked or finished pet grains, such as cat food, dog food, etc. Do not let them predatory, especially cats. Because cat's infection is infected with infected mice or birds, or food polluting cat dung.
    4. Unless the serum examination of pregnant mothers has been infected with bow -shaped worms, pregnant mothers should avoid contact with cats and their feces during pregnancy.
    5. Gow -shaped infection has a variety of simple and effective drugs, such as sulfa -like pyrimidine, and spiithromycin. The treatment must be performed according to the doctor's order. The infection of pregnant mothers infected in time can reduce the chance of fetal infection.
    6. Pregnant mothers should conduct serum detection on bow -shaped hormone disease in the early and late pregnancy of pregnancy, and timely discover the infection of acute active toxoplasma, and take necessary treatment measures under the guidance of experienced doctors.
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