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  1. Many people know how terrible the infection of Toxoplasma is the host of the hormone worms, so dogs and cats are the host of the bowworm, so most of the cats and dogs can be raised for pregnancy and dogs. Can pregnant women raise cats and dogs? Let ’s take a closer look at it in detail ~
    ? Pregnant women can raise cats and dogs
    A pregnant women can actually raise cats and dogs. As long as pregnant women pay attention to their own hygiene and pet hygiene, and they are not sensitive to pets, ensure that pets will not be on It is okay to cause inconvenience to the daily life of pregnant women.
    The editor knows that many pregnant women or pregnant women are not allowed to raise cats and dogs at home because they are afraid of infection of Toxoplasma, but they are not so scary. Let ’s take a closer look. Enter the blind spot!
    What is a bow -shaped worm

    The name Gondii is a single -cell raw worm. Cell animals. It can infect almost all thermostat animals, about 50%of the pig, cow, sheep, chicken, chicken and goose, 60%of rats and wild birds, and 70%of cats are its activity hotels, and of course they can infect humans.
    Blip according to different studies, the population infection rate of population of my country's population is at a low level around the world, about 5%-20%. Even so, the "Toxoplasma Patient" around us is still a quite huge group. At the same time, we didn't seem to feel this. This is because toxoplasma infection rarely causes serious consequences. For those with good immune function, the first time you come into contact with the toxoplasma worm can cause the symptoms of slight flu -like flu -like, such as fatigue, muscle soreness, low fever or lymph nodes Swelling, these symptoms will disappear long.

    The impact of Toxoplasma insects on the fetus

    If the mother infected the toxoplasma, then the toxoplasma can be passed through the placenta barrier and the mother transmitted to the fetus. Once this happens, the health of the fetus will cause a lot of risks.
    It studies have shown that pregnant women who are infected with toxoplasma infection at 136, 26, and 36 weeks of pregnancy are 6%, 40%, and 72%, and the symptoms are 61%, 25%, and 9%, respectively. The so -called symptoms include miscarriage, dysplasia of nervous system, hydrocephalus and blindness.
    It should be noticed that the first infection is specifically mentioned here, that is, this risk only exists among women infected by Toxoplasma during pregnancy for the first time during pregnancy, but the probability of women infected for the first time during pregnancy is far lower low. In 1%.
    The bow -shaped worms are infected with people in cats and dogs. Nothing is contagious, as long as you don't eat dog meat, it will not be contagious. (I believe that those who raise dogs will not eat dog meat anymore)
    Cat: Although the toxoplasma is loved by cats, because the bowworm is infected with the cat's feces, and the premise is that your cat has been infected with the toxoplasma insect. (Cats are mainly infected with infected cat dung, and grasses infection with mice and birds. If they are nourished indoors, cats who do not eat living things will not be infected.)

    The time of the pocket is not long, only 10-20 days. Capsule needs to develop in the outside world for 1-2 days or longer before it is contagious, so it must be cleaned up daily. And being bitten by a cat will not infect the toxoplasma.
    Summary: In fact, the biggest transmission path of Toxoplasma is that you have eaten meat that has been infected with Toxoplasma. For example, the heating temperature of the meat is not enough or the time is too short, and the bag is not killed (heating 71 ° C can die). The choppy board for raw meat is contaminated with cooked food and hand, as well as contaminated goat milk and milk.

    This Reminder: Generally, the owner of a pet at home will go to the hospital to check the bow -shaped worm during pregnancy. If possible, bring the pets at home to check it. As long as you follow the doctor's advice, scientifically raise pets, I believe that the problem of bow -shaped worms should not be too worried.

  2. Mengxin Bao Da Bao's mother should know if you can raise cats and dogs in the end
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  3. Can. As long as the hygiene of cats and dogs is done well, the vaccines that should be hit will not be harmful to humans.

  4. I think that cats and dogs can be raised during pregnancy. As long as they usually pay more attention to hygiene, cats and dogs will not hurt pregnant women and will not affect the baby.

  5. Can't be raised. Small animals are the most likely parasitic parasites. This is not good for pregnant women and children. If they are infected with severe infection, they may have a miscarriage or produce dead tires.

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