5 thoughts on “What dogs are the most beautiful and smarter”

  1. Let me show you the dog’s IQ ranking! Personally recommend a poodle such as teddy!

    The reason: 1. IQ high
    2, small, if there are children at home, it is better to raise this dog, not afraid of hurting children, and you don’t have to worry about going out to scare your neighbors Essence Some big dogs with gentle nature may have the habit of sniffing a stranger. In fact, he is not malicious, but this move will scare some people, especially children, and the impact is not good. The puppy is not the same. It is more flattering and will never scare people, if it is docile.
    . There are not many foods to eat, saving a lot. Take it to the pet shop to take a shower, shaving a hair is also a dozens of dollars,
    will take a bath yourself very convenient. Big dogs will be more troublesome in this regard, and it will not cost less. If you take him out for a bath, it will cost 100 yuan. If you shave more than 100 yuan, you will definitely not be able to leave
    If it to buy a cage for him, it is enough to buy dozens of dollars, and the price of the big dog’s cage and the space occupied are not small. And it ’s hard to catch it, it’ s too heavy.
    It because of his small body training, he will be much more convenient to urinate. If he peeed his stool, he caught him and took him to the place where he was “criminal.” In the case of big dogs, I have a deep understanding of myself. I ca n’t catch him every time, dizzy.
    It, it is natural to hold him to walk. My dog, every time I take him to take a walk, I want to die, and there will be no such problems.

    The second recommendation: Corgi dog!
    The Corgi dog has been cut off his tail since he was a child. The silly appearance of the buttocks and farts will definitely be cute! Especially when he twisted his buttocks, he felt super! Super cute! Super funny! And I heard that this kind of dog is more faithful and good! IQ will not be low!
    The price is not as close to the people of Teddy ~ So the second recommendation!

    Finally, it is recommended to adopt female baby. There will be no site awareness. Generally, it will not fight with other dogs. And rarely barking strangers ~
    , but you have to prepare for her psychological preparation for her sanitary napkin. Haha ~

  2. Labrador dog. How can it be a guide dog if you are not smart. It is clever, alert, and understands, and has a docile and smooth personality. It is neither dull nor active. It is friendly to people and likes to play games with people.

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