Where is it better to buy a dog in Nanchang?

Dogs are good, not expensive, it is best to be Bomei

5 thoughts on “Where is it better to buy a dog in Nanchang?”

  1. Give you a suggestion, go to the local people, catch up, 58 to buy on the same city, after all, there are too many sick dogs on the market now, it is best It ’s a good place to find it, and people will not lie to you easily. Even if there is no problem, you can consult it when you are okay. The other party is willing to answer such questions. In this way Those who sell dogs are also afraid of being infected by the sick dog.

  2. There are some sale on the Qianhua Park of Erqi North Road.

    can also go to the website to see. Many people will send information on it.

    / chongwu/ (at home, health, health, the price is cheaper than dog vendors. There are also dogs to send dogs, as long as you are a dog love dog.)

    Taobao search Bomei dog Nanchang.

  3. You can go to the Qianhua companion shopping square near the zoo and the People's Park, where it is the largest dog market in Nanchang ~
    or you can also go to the flower and bird market on Qingshan Road to see it, but you can compare it more ~ ​​
    should pay attention to whether the dog is healthy when buying, maybe the merchant will adulte it from it ~

  4. There is a "dog nest" behind Hongkelong on the Zhongshan Road, and there are many dogs.
    It also has Qianhua companion
    In the Fushe Bridge, under the Tengwangge Hotel, there will be dog sets every Saturday and Sunday

  5. I advise you to buy it! Because most of the dogs bought in a pet shop are sick ~ Raising a week is easy to die!
    This to you recommend a place. "The dogs sold there are all dogs raised by family, and then they are sold online! And the price is cheaper than pet shops!

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