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  1. 1. The vaccine is to prevent the dog prevent high -risk infectious diseases. Therefore, the more the number of vaccines must be used for

    2. The more the number of injections, the better, you need to see the specific situation of the dog

    4. The injection vaccine has a standard time process. Generally, one shot starts at 6-8 weeks for the first time, and then 3-4 on Monday each Monday. Needle, three times in total, and then play again each year.

    5. With imported vaccines, the effect is good, not a few money
    n6. , Poor physical condition and other situations are not suitable for vaccination

    8. One week after the vaccine, remember to supplement nutrition, do not take a bath, prevent colds

  2. The following methods can be used for the dogs: 1. The subcutaneous injection method is used, and the dog's chest side is mostly used. The back of the scapula or the neck side is used as the injection site. The skin of the dog is lifted slowly to the skin. The injection vaccines are mostly poisonous vaccines, mild and non -irritating.

  3. When the dog is full of 50 days, you can get the vaccine, then to inject it for 20 days, and inject it three times in a row. After that, you can inject it once a year. In three months, you have to get the rabies vaccine. After the vaccine enters the dog's body, it will cause an immune response, and it is necessary to ensure good health before injection.

  4. Dogs need to vaccines every year, and generally need to injected vaccines every 11 months. The injection method of puppies and adult dogs is different. Generally, the first free of charge of young dogs start injection of the first needle vaccine when it is 45 days old. In the case of completely weaning, a three -pin infectious disease vaccine and one -needle rabies need to be injected. The interval between each needle of the three -pin infectious disease vaccine is 21 days, and the rabies vaccine is injected after 7 days after the three stitches are injected. One week before the injection of the first needle vaccine, the dog can be dewheed in the body and outside the body. Adult dogs need to strengthen immunity each year, strengthen an infectious disease vaccine and a needle rabies vaccine each year, and do not take a bath on the day of injection of vaccine. About minutes.

  5. Dog vaccines should be used like this: 1. Before giving a dog vaccine, we must first ensure the health of the dog. 2. When the puppies are over 50 days, the pet owner can let the dog start the vaccine. In the future, a needle is injected every 20 days, a total of 3 stitches, and one shot can be injected each year. After 3 months, the rabies vaccine should be injected, and one shot is injected each year in the future. 3. Give your dog vaccine and buy vaccines from some professional hospitals.

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