1 thought on “How do you raise dogs in the building?”

  1. Raising dogs in the building, generally do not raise those dogs who like to clamor, such as Chihuahua. It is best not to raise a long hair dog, because it will make the house messy.
    It also walking dogs, dogs like sports, and the house is very limited. If you raise it from an early age, it is best to raise a dog, because the bitch is troublesome.
    In the process of breeding dogs, the owner must pay attention to the dog’s diet. Do not give the dog too much food, especially those who raised dogs as pigs.
    If you eat too much food for dogs for a long time, then it will only cause problems such as dog gastrointestinal discomfort, and it is also easy to cause obesity, leading to a variety of diseases of the dog!

    It, in the process of breeding dogs, the owner must pay attention to the work of care. Do not take the dog frequently to bathe, which will only hurt the dog’s skin.
    The skin diseases such as dogs, so you must avoid such a misunderstanding for dogs. It is recommended to once once a week!
    During the breeding process, I believe that pet owners will feed some other foods for dogs, but the owner must not feed the dogs to feed some fatal foods.
    It is like chocolate and grapes cannot be eaten for dogs. The higher the purity, the greater the chocolate, the greater the dog. One or two grapes may have to live!

    Dogs like to eat bones, but don’t think that any bones are suitable for dogs, especially pointed bones such as chickens, ducks, and fish. It will stab the stomach and stomach, and severe gastrointestinal bleeding!

    This dogs must train more, so that it can understand who is the owner. Snacks are essential when training for dogs. It is recommended that the owner best choose some high -quality dog ​​snacks, and then It seems that the dog snacks below can not only be trained, but also gives dogs with beautiful hair and calcium supplement!

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