1 thought on “What to do if the dog is lost”

  1. The clever ways of the dog lost to find back are: calmly waiting, finding the police for help, looking for dogs, looking for help, rewards, etc. Calmly waiting for the dog’s sense of smell is very sensitive, very and smart. If it is not in different places, it is likely to go back by itself under normal loss. Find the police for help to apply for a certificate for the dog. When you get a hukou, you can try to find a local police to seek help. You can get some help to find it. You can also use the monitoring section to find. Dog searching for the production of dogs and finding stickers, detailed introduction of the dog’s appearance, loss of location, etc., say hello to the relevant property management office, reasonably posted dogs, you can also post in a nearby pet shop and pet hospital. Finding friends can ask some friends to help. You and friends squat in the flower and bird pet market nearby to see if anyone will sell their own pet dogs. Finding a dog who is more deeply affectionate, so you can pay attention to the price of compensation than your pet market price in the revelation of dogs. Return to the owner. Take your dog out for a walk and don’t let the dog lose.

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