How to raise dogs in high -level?

I live on the seventh floor, like dogs, and high -rise activities are inconvenient. How can I raise dogs?

2 thoughts on “How to raise dogs in high -level?”

  1. If you raise dogs in high -level houses, I think there are two ways: (1) You have to work a little bit every day, but it will not be very hard. Generally, dogs will be more troublesome when you are young. Wait until until you wait for it to wait until you wait for it. It only needs to go out 1-2 times a day after adulthood, but when you are young, you must develop a good habit of solving it. (2) You can spray pet bowel induction agents in the bathroom or you think you think it is more convenient to solve it. This thing is sold in the pet market. Maybe each bottle is less than 20 yuan. I used to use it, but it has a certain effect, but it is not everything. If you solve it outside the arrangement, you have to punish it a little, but don’t be too severe, otherwise it will have obstacles in your heart. It is troublesome to have a dog with obstacles in your heart. It is very smart, and the dogs are very smart, and such mistakes will not be repeated! There is no problem with dogs in the high -rise buildings. As long as you educate well, dogs are very sensible animals. It will listen to you very much. I am all experienced. I hope to help you!

  2. After daily dinner, take the dog walking as a walk. And it is best not to raise a small dog, so much love. Break the people will be complained! Intersection Intersection

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