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  1. Many office workers now like to raise dogs, and in fact, many people who work or live are relatively easy to like dogs. If you are not particularly clear about the characteristics of the dog's personality characteristics, you hope that it is relatively easy to have a dog with a very large pressure to your life. These dogs may be more suitable for you.
    1. The Baggido Hound Baggish Hound, also known as French short -legged hunting, was cultivated for hunting and tracking, but in fact, for them, it is enough to take a walk once a day. This kind of dog is a great partner of "Ge You Paralyzed". It can be very happy to lie on the sofa with you for a whole night.
    The is also very good at the same time. They are friendly, outgoing, and are happy to associate with other people, other pets, and children.
    2. Big Bear Bear is one of the most popular dogs. They are very suitable for building living environment. They are very cute, and they only need little exercise to be very happy. Basically, most of them are suitable, Bidi is happy, a bit embarrassing.
    Bar bear also likes to make new friends. If you take it to the beach, it will be super happy. We often see this cute little snowball on the street.
    3. Although the bullfighting mastiff is large, almost all the mastiff breeds have relatively small demand for exercise. Of course, all dogs still need to take a walk appropriately, but compared to large dogs, the mastiff is particularly lazy.
    This bull dogs are also a good choice for users in the building. Their appearance looks scared away from all bad people, but they are actually cute. This kind of dog is also easy to take care of, because the hair is shorter and less dropped off, so it doesn't take a long time to clean and sort out the time.
    4. Golden M turn may be the most friendly dog. They are very trusted family dogs, they love everyone and animals. The attack tendency and shyness are not the characteristics of this dog. They are warm and enthusiastic.
    of course, they need to exercise frequently and always sort out in order to keep the golden hair healthy and smooth. No matter where the owner goes, it will easily follow you. If you want to lie on the sofa in the evening, you will cook a good drama, and golden retriever will be a good partner for you to snuggle.
    5. The Knight King Charles Hound Knight King Charles Hound is described as a "strong adaptability" dog. If you want to lie on the sofa one day, or if you want to go out for a day, your Charles will be happy with you to prepare for what you want to do.
    The dogs of this variety can be transformed from pet dogs for rewards to lively athletes, and then change back again. This kind of dog hopes to please the owner, also likes social, and likes to deal with various people or other pets.
    The hair of Charles hunting dogs often take care of it, but it will be happy to lie on your leg to help you sort out it.
    6. British bullfighting dog British bullfighting is a good variety, which is known for its lack of enthusiasm for outing. They like to sleep very much and can be available anytime, anywhere. But letting it go to sleep all day long because it likes it, you still have to exercise and stimulate it.
    This bull dogs are also easy to make new friends. Although they may not be trained quickly as other breeds of dogs, when it is in the game time, it will be very crazy and enjoyable.
    7. Havana dog Havana dog is also a good partner dog lying on the sofa. This variety of dogs will not be very active, because they are small, they only need to walk around every day. This dog is very smart and easy to receive training, and if they start training at their childhood, they will always stick to these habits. Havana is easy to be pleased. If the owner hugs them and gives them some love, they will accept it, and then live a happy and happy life.
    8. If Bago raised Bago, the owner seems to have nothing to complain about. No matter when you need them, they are always ready. But many times, we hear them snoring in the room. Bagol is considered a dog who can understand the owner's mood, so whether you need a dependence or a smile, your Barg will soon know and satisfy you.

  2. Rural cat. The rural cat has strong adaptability, Siamese cat. Rely on the owner, puppet cat. Love sticking people and cute, Jinjira's temperament is docile, understanding and understanding. Garfield likes to be quiet and not sticky. British short -haired cats have thick body, strong limbs, bold and curious
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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, the recommended small dogs are good for raising teddy, Bie Bear, Bomei, Sherry, etc. Large dogs are not very easy to raise. Like Samoye's hair, it is difficult to take care of it. Husky is disobedient and likes to dismantle home. Therefore, before raising dogs, you need to be raised under the premise of being able to accept the dog's habits and personality.nAsk a small dog, who is good for dogs, and it is not easy to get sicknAnswer Teddy, it is not easy to get sick, and the hair loss is not serious to take care of itnAsk Yorkshire, is it easy to get sick?nThe answer is easy to get sick, Yorkshire's physical condition is not as good as other dogsnAsk questions, which kind of seven is good, which is not easy to get sick.nAnswer Bomek and Bie Bear if you compare itnIt's still better than Bear's physical conditionnIsn't it easy to get sick in a bear? Get rid of hairnAnswer Bichon is a healthier variety among dogs, and it is not easy to get sick. The hair loss is not seriousnAsk a question, which is better for the Bear to buy a father, or is it better?nAnswer the personal recommended bitchnCompared to the male dog, it will be more docilenAsk Bomei to buy, male, or mother, how much is one? How much is a bear?nAnswer Bomei about 2,000 or two thousand or two thousand bishes.nPomeranian is recommended to buy a bitchnMore 14nBleak

  4. What kind of cat is better? I recommend three cheap and well -raised cat varieties. One is the Chinese pastoral cat, the second is British short, and the third is the shortness of beauty.
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  5. I personally think that this must be determined according to my personal preference. My family has a golden retriever and a Samoye. Every time I go home from get off work, I will take a slippers for me, and I will coax me when I am not happy. I feel particularly warm.

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