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  1. First, preparation: disposable needle tube, doctor's potion, cotton ball or cotton stick, 75%medicinal alcohol, iodine. (It is recommended not to kill the vaccine!)
    . Specific steps:
    1, first wash your hands. Use a disposable needle tube to ensure that it is not used before.

    2, cut the needle bottle with a special blade. (No professional, it is easy to have small glass residue falling in the liquid)
    3, carefully remove the cover of the needle, do not touch the needle in your hands.
    4, the needle of the needle bottle, the needle bottle is 45 degrees, try to pump the liquid into the needle as much as possible. The most important thing is to discharge all the air in the needle tube, to be used. (After the needle pipe is full of potion, the needle is upward, and as much as possible. Slowly push the needle until the air or bubbles cannot be seen. Even if a little potion is wasteed! Blow the hair near the dog's neck with your mouth, so that you can see the skin. Tighten the flat hair with your left hand, apply the cotton swab with disinfected water in your right hand to disinfect, iodine once, and alcohol once.
    6, grab the disinfected skin on the neck, and feel that after the skin and meat are separated, the needle is pierced into the dog skin of about 5 or 6 mm. The needle slowly advances, until it is finished. (The height of the Pippi, the needle cannot be inserted too deep, and it is easy to hurt the nerves.)
    7, after all are played, then use a dry cotton ball to hold the injection place while quickly pulling out the needle. (At this time, if you use cotton with alcohol or iodine, the dog will feel very painful, so you can use a dry cotton ball)
    Phien after playing, you can take the cotton ball to help the dog lightly, help help, help help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help, help to help. The absorption of medicine.
    This injection is a commonly used drug injection treatment method, which means that the medicinal solution is injected into the muscle tissue through the syringe to achieve the purpose of cure.
    The muscle injection is mainly applicable to: not or not intravenous injection, and requires more efficacy than subcutaneous injection, and when the injection irritation is stronger or the drug is high or the drug is large.
    The most commonly used injection parts of muscle injection are gluteal muscles, followed by the hip in the middle of the gluteal muscle, the hip small muscle, the outer side muscle and the deltoid muscle. What is important is the precise positioning of the injection part.
    Limad muscle injection positioning: Cross: Stroke a horizontal line from the apex of the hip fissure to the left or right, make a vertical flat line from the highest point from the highest iliac cricket, and the hip part is a quadrant. The inner corner is the injection area. Linking method: One -third of the junction from the anterior iliac spine to the tail line is the injection site.

  2. Dogs are usually injected with subcutaneous injection, and the upper neck is hit, because the meat inside is relatively loose. Put its meat with a hand and insert the syringe into the middle part of the skin and muscles. Muscle injection of dog thighs. Do not excessive deep

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