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  1. The specifics are as follows:
    1, red bottle is diluted liquid, blue bottle is vaccine:
    2, be sure to see whether the anti -counterfeiting label at the bottle cap is intact when buying at the same time:
    3. 2-8 degrees Celsius; so you should pay attention to whether you are in transportation or storage: bring an insulation bucket in the insulation bucket when you buy, and then put it on the vaccine; Then store it in the refrigerator of the refrigerator;
    4, prepare for injections: alcohol, medical cotton, disposable syringe ....
    5, pour alcohol into a clean container:
    6 , Put the medical cotton into a container that pour good alcohol:
    7, first disinfect the red bottle diluted liquid bottle mouth with alcohol and wait for alcohol to volatilize Dilute the diluted liquid in the red bottle:
    9, the anti -counterfeiting label of the blue bottle (vaccine):
    10, the pumping (diluted solution in the red bottle) into the blue bottle (vaccine):
    11, shake it with your hands:
    12, shake it and pull it out, and the needle is pushed up to the air in the inside. n14, first disinfect the dog to be injected with alcohol (I generally injected the back of the neck), but cannot be injected immediately. You must wait for alcohol to volatilize!
    15, put the dog, lift the injection site in one hand, and injected the needle parallel with the needle in one hand (this method will not hurt the dog):
    16, do not use the following posture injection (this way It is difficult to play):
    17. After finishing the cotton ball, hold the needle and pull the needle, so that even if you make great achievements:

  2. Eating medicine is not only a dog, but even a painful thing to humans. But injections for dogs are necessary. In order to prevent rabies and enhance dog resistance. So how to get a dog? Let's take a look together.

    How to get the dog
    1. Don't get an injection while the dog is asleep
    It's very scary, leaving a shadow in my heart, I am afraid I dare not sleep in the future. Thinking in other places, if we are asleep in the fragrance and suddenly they are beaten, what will you react?
    2. Do not deceive dogs
    The first injections for dogs, most parents will choose how to scam. Under the gentle tone of the master and touching, the dog was deceived. But the pain during injections makes the dog remember it, and it will remember the pain of his needle on the owner who cheated it.
    3. Emotional appeasement is important
    When the dog is injected, the owner must be accompanied by the side, and leave it. And use a gentle voice to soothe it. If necessary, you can also touch it gently and let it not be afraid. Some owners accompany it to spend this pain and horror, and it will feel a lot of peace of mind.
    4. Give the reward
    If the dog successfully cooperates with the injection, give it some rewards to make up for the pain just now. Then the dog will think of the owner's reward to him next time when you get an injection of the dog, thereby fading the bitterness brought by the injection and better cooperation.
    5. Find a professionals
    Is when dogs need to get injections, the owner must follow the doctor's order. Especially for a dog, you must find a professional veterinary or a full -time veterinarian nurse. Do not get an injection of the dog at home to save money.
    The above points are how to get the dog. At the end, the editor prompts that the dogs should not be restrained in a rude way to keep the dogs and let it be forced to make it. This will only make the dog more uncomfortable. Rejection of injections is even more resistant.

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