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  1. The Yaobu ​​is a very common dog now, but most people do not know how to feed them. Here is a careful recommendation method for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

    It -in -chuel feeding method 1. The newborn Bagu can not eat other foods, mainly breastfeeding to obtain the nutrition required for growth. At this stage, parents do not need to prepare other foods for Bacor puppies, but they must ensure the healthy diet and meet the needs of the puppies at the same time as the female dog. Of course, when taking care of the Pacor puppies, we must do a good job of preventing cold and warmth and daily life. For example, it is very important to take the Bagu dog to inject vaccines, deworming, etc. in a timely manner.
    . In the childhood, the principles of their diet should be eat less, because the gastrointestinal function of puppies is relatively fragile, so they should pay more attention to diet. Eat less meals, prepare some foods that are easy to digest and absorb, and comprehensive nutrition and abundant foods are important. Of course, those spicy and hard -hard foods must be eliminated, and they cannot be eaten for Big puppies.
    3. Adult Bagu dogs are healthy and strong, of course, they still have to be fed regularly every day. Adult Bagu can be fed for 1-2 meals a day. Each feeding amount of food ensures that the dog can eat 8 minutes full, which can meet its energy consumption and physical growth needs. In addition to being fed in time every day, you should also guide the Bagu dogs to do some exercise. For example, walking and bending, of course, you can also guide the Bagu dog to do some running and jumping exercises.
    4. After the Bagu dog enters the old age, the body will start to decline slowly, and gradually shows an old -fashioned state. The dog’s response will slowly, and walking will become slower or lose balance. The nutrition of the dog’s body will be lost, accelerating aging. When taking care of the elderly Bay dog, you should eat less and eat less and prepare more calcium nutrients and protein rich foods. In addition, it is necessary to guide the dogs to do some exercise and walk around. However, those strenuous running and jumping should try to eliminate it.
    The precautions for breeding of the Bagu dog 1. Do not let Baste eat meat and oil foods three months ago, and take Baguo to vaccine one month later.
    2. Bagu dogs must be wiped and then blowing after taking a shower, otherwise it will be susceptible to skin diseases. Don’t take a bath often, just twice a month.
    3. In the spring and autumn season, the number of times to go out of Pacoria must be reduced, and there are many infectious diseases, but regular walking dogs are very important. Generally speaking, Panago is not a very delicate dog. He eats dog food, vaccines, deworming on time, bathing with a dedicated shower gel, and not too diligent.
    4. During the development of the Bagu dog, it is necessary to provide sufficient protein, fat, sugar, minerals and vitamins. Cooked eggs are the best source of protein in the Bay dog. Milk is best to buy special milk, otherwise milk that ordinary people eat can easily cause puppy diarrhea and vomiting.
    5. Dogs should not be allowed to do severe exercise before meals, otherwise it will affect digestion.
    6. Pay attention to control in the salt in food. Do not be too salty (about 1.4%), otherwise it will cause hair removal and aggravate organs. Because the dog is extremely sensitive to sodium, it can be given to death by getting 3.7 grams of salt per kilogram!
    7. Human ingredients, and spicy foods such as onions and peppers are not suitable for feeding. Dogs are eaten by mistake, because dogs cannot excrete cocoa and caffeine will cause poisoning: such as accelerated heartbeat, extreme excitement, spasm, and high body temperature. In severe cases, it will affect the central nervous nerve and cause heart failure and death.
    8. During the breeding process, pay attention to its behavior and behavior at all times, and pay attention to whether the Bagu dog has a mental state, loss of appetite, deformation of the stool, excessive nasal pads, or heating. If you suffer from disease, treatment measures should be taken in time. You should also pay attention to training it to develop the habit of cleaning and hygiene. In particular, we must develop the habit of fixed -point bowel movements. It is not allowed to drow everywhere to destroy environmental hygiene.
    The summer breeding method of Bagu dogs in summer Bagu dogs are flat because of their short nose, and it is easy to absorb moisture and moisture. Therefore, it breeds bacteria and causes inflammation. Boric acid powder keeps its nose is often dry and does not allow bacteria to prevent breeding conditions. Due to the short nose, when the hot summer temperature is high, it will have a state of dyspnea, and it is even prone to heat stroke. Therefore, you must pay attention to the following points:
    L. When the summer is hot, do not take it out at noon. Do not take it out at noon. Don’t let it do severe exercise. Walking must be arranged in the morning and evening.
    2. Move it to a relatively breathable and cool place to feed it. Do not let it give it straight. In the hot summer season, you have to wipe it with a wet towel every afternoon, and you have to wipe off the dirt in the wrinkles.

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