1 thought on “Skills needed to shoot pets”

  1. The first: lower the perspective, flat shot pet
    When your dog is lying on the chair, nests, and other furniture, in fact, you should take out your camera and take them to shoot flat flat One. At this time, what we need to do is to reduce the perspective, which is slightly lower than the pet's eyes. It depends on the state of pets, as long as it looks good.

    The second one: The process of looking down
    The angle of the downward requires a little higher, not to the pet's head straight, but to go up a little bit. The perspective angle can actually combine the background with the attitude and appearance of pets. The fabric lying on the pets will also become the existence of their face value. But pay attention to the light of pet eyes at this angle.

    The third: shooting from the back
    The shooting from the back is the most classic pet shoot. This angle will give people a visual effect similar to the movie. As long as you set the focus on your pet, and then call it back by sound, you can get a cute look.

    The fourth: The perspective of the snail
    This method is suitable for mobile phone to take pictures, because the phone's lens can be put enough. This viewing perspective will make the pets look particularly huge and mighty, but you need to pay attention to the next composition. After all, low perspective will lead to more elements in the lens.

    Fifth: Give them a window
    Cats and dogs are naturally interested in the scenery outside the window, and they cannot resist the window. They look at the world outside the window. At this time, not only pets, but the scenery outside the window has also become part of the photo. It will make pets look better. However, it should be noted that the indoor and outdoor light difference is not handled well, and it is easy to mess up.

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