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  1. What are the techniques of pets when they raised in the photographer? The following is the tips for taking pictures of pets I organized. Welcome to read!
    This pets with dark hair
    The pets to shoot dark hair are more difficult, so you must pay attention to letting them shoot when taking pictures for them. The background looks brighter. In addition, shooting pets should pay attention to the position of the shadow like shooting other objects. Be careful not to let your pet appear “red eyes” when using flash. You can not use the flash in a brighter place. If you need to use a flash, do not let your pets look directly at the camera, so as to avoid the phenomenon of “red eyes”.
    When shooting “collective photos” for several puppies or kittens, it is best to put them in a basket and let them hold each other, so that they can easily adjust the shooting distance. If you want pet eyes to aimed at the camera, you can call their names gently or use a toy to attract their attention. In order to take the ideal photo, you must not only prepare sufficient film, but also have enough patience, because all the professional animals you appreciated are taken by photographers to take a lot of energy and time before shooting.
    Dark hair Pet shooting
    Stage when shooting children playing with pets, pay attention to letting people be at the same horizontal plane as animals. If your pet is larger, you can let it lie next to your child to obtain the ideal composition. Take a photo for your cat baby.
    At present, the number of pets raised in the family are increasing. Cats, dogs, goldfish, birds, white rabbits, etc. As members of the family, they are inseparable. Fun fun.
    oting family pets
    oting family pets, first of all, understand them. Life nature, seize their special expression characteristics for shooting, and use suitable props to arrange a relatively elegant and clean environment. Waiting patiently, attracting its expression, and letting it go, in order to take vivid and interesting pictures.
    The shooting tool is also very important. Shooting at close range can be used with standard lenses. However, some animals can only be taken in long distances. It is necessary to be equipped with mid -focal length, long focal length lens, or even ultra -long focal length lens, or using a zoom lens. It is more convenient to push and pull according to the movement of the action. When using a zoom lens, it is generally fixed on the triangle because of the large weight to prevent shake during shooting. The shutter speed is also higher.
    Family pet shooting
    The small animals raising small animals should be combined with the environment to show their tame, unrestrained, unrestrained, and like a family member. Observe carefully and wait for the timing. Shooting.
    If shooting puppies and kittens, they must catch them lively and cute, tame meek, and have ridiculous features to shoot. Also pay attention to their fur color, choose suitable backgrounds to set off, and do not be covered by cluttered backgrounds. If you shoot all black or dark animals, you should choose bright backgrounds. Taking full white and light -colored animals, you should choose deep and deeper. The dark background can highlight the hair color of the main animals. In addition, it can be matched with appropriate props, such as playing and climbing, showing their naughty expression. It can also be taken in combination with some performance items and children or adults who play together to show a harmonious environment with family members.
    shooting fish
    The shoots of fish breeding fish, it is best to use a rectangular glass fish tank. You can insert another glass in the fish tank when shooting. The scene of goldfish swimming. If the surface of the glass negative cylinder produces a reflective or shadow of the camera, it can be avoided on both sides of the fish tank. If you use a pultic method, you can use a large shallow plate or white washbasin to place the fish in shallow water, and the downhand from the top can also get a good effect.
    The shooting fish can use lighting sources, goldfish, and tropical fish on the top or sides of the upper or sides. Under the light of light, it will appear more beautiful.
    The pictures that the shooting caused by the easy reflection of the fish tank and the water surface is not clear, so the polarized lens should be used in front of the camera lens when shooting, and the lens and adjustment of the shooting angle (the best angle of 45 degrees) makes the picture the most. Clear. However, polarizers have a certain light reduction effect. Therefore, in order to ensure the clear shooting, the camera should be placed on a tripod during shooting.
    shooting birds
    This shooting is more difficult than animal shooting, because birds are afraid of people, and people will fly as soon as they are approaching. It is difficult to shoot within close range. You can use a zoom lens when you have conditions. People are farther away from people, or they only reveal the camera lens, put the camera on the triangle stand patiently, or remove some birds that birds love to eat within a certain range. , Shooting birds landing, flying, and the lens of singing on the branches.

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