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  1. With the advent of the national photography era, more and more families have professional SLR cameras. As a shit officer with cute pets, we need to blame the "little master" of the family to take beautiful photos that make other people projects. , Record every happy moment of cute pets. The following is the pet photography shooting technique I brought to everyone, welcome to read.
    1. Family pet photography concepts
    We family pet photography we refer to, different from the pet photography studio. The guest films have a certain routine, similar to the wedding photography of the assembly line, and the family Pet photography is more for your pets, with higher degrees of freedom, and can be taken frequently to record the changes in pets. At the same time, you can also improve your photography level in shooting.
    2. Recommended pet equipment
    For pet photography, the author recommends a camera with better focus performance. In recent years, I have been using Canon 5D3 to shoot pets. Focusing and picture quality have excellent performance. Of course, the latest Canon 5D4 has further strengthened the focus performance, which is also worth recommending.
    Is as for the lens, my favorite lens I use is Canon's 50mm F1.4. Sometimes in order to pursue some interesting effects, it will also use 24-70 F2.8 or ultra-wide-angle zoom 17-- The 40 F4 lens, of course, must also use the lens of 70-200 F4 when shooting outdoors. These three lenses almost cover most of the focal lengths that can be used in daily shooting. Therefore The lens can also help us better complete the shooting task.
    3. The key factor in preparation
    The preparations we must do before the beginning of the daily shooting is to help the pets take care of the hair. For the teddy dog ​​I took, It is necessary to help them take care of their hair before shooting. Shooting one or two days after the perfect beauty, the effect of the shooting will be better. After all, everyone is unwilling to be messy in the camera, just like we take portraits, the model must sort out the hairstyle and turn it out. We take makeup again, the reason is the same.
    4. Selection of the environment and light
    Speaking of the shooting environment, I will not deliberately choose any special scene, usually shooting on the floor or bed and sofa at home, because shooting at home, because They will relax more. After all, this is their usual environment. According to their habits, you also need to know where they like to appear, don’t force them to go to the unfamiliar environment. Nothing will not even listen to you.
    The selection of light is very important. I basically do not use the flash to shoot. Naturally, light is the best choice, so we try not to shoot at night, take the sun in the daytime, and take the shooting Scene, try to find some places with windows, so that natural light is more sufficient. Some corners without light are large enough, and the sensitivity can be high. Shooting this fresh -style pet work is naturally a key point.
    A even shooting at night, the Canon EOS 5D3 full -frame SLR camera with 50mm F1.4 fixed -focus lens can make the photo look bright.
    5. Tips for composition
    Actually shooting pets is not the same as those who shoot characters. We will use many composition methods, but my favorite is the composition method of the center, because because the most of the composition method, because the composition method is because of the composition method, because the composition method is because it is because the pet. In some cases when we take portraits, we need to take care of the entire environment and background, but we take pets. The focus in the photo is this pet. As long as the environmental background is not particularly ugly, no one will pay attention to those. When people see photos, they are attracted by pets in the middle of the picture.
    It this method of composition is a little benefit, that is, let us not need to change the focusing point without frequent transformation. The Canon 5D3 camera I use has 61 focus points. Of course, I can choose the more suitable focus point to shoot. But shooting this kind of movement, sometimes you have not chosen the focus point, it has already moved first. We need to choose a new focus point, so it is better to use a pair in the middle area. Focus, the focus efficiency during shooting will also be improved.
    It, some family users may not use the two models of Canon 5D3 or 5D4. For example, we use a 6D or APS-C format camera, and do not worry about it because there is less focus point for our shooting. The impact, because the intermediate focus point is used, everyone can use what EOS SLR cameras can complete the shooting. But how to catch the pets in running, there are high requirements for continuous focusing performance and continuous shooting speed in the fuselage.
    6. The focus point is the soul of the photo
    Is just now when it comes to the focus point, it is necessary to tell you a tips that must be understood in the shooting. When shooting pets, we must try to try to try to try to try to try The focus of the focus is that the eyes are the windows of the heart. If the focus of a photo is not on the eyes, the entire photo will look dull. On the contrary, if the dog's eyes in our photos are very bright and clear, it is very clear. It can play the finishing touch, so that the whole photo seems to have a soul.
    Below, let's take a look, some operating skills in actual shooting:
    . The difference between guiding dogs and guidance models
    This pets need to be guided like taking people, but dogs need to be guided, but dogs need to be guided, but dogs The guidance of the character models is very different, because we need to talk to people, and then the model can understand the feeling we want to shoot, but the dog does not understand, what are they interested in? There are only two things, that is, toys and food, so in the process of shooting dogs, it is very important to attract them with what they like to attract them. We can use the toys to "seduce" pets and let them go closer to shooting.
    . The most vivid moment of the dog's most vivid
    is as if we like to show our models to give us a touching smile. The dog also has the most moving moment. At the moment, what I said here is not necessarily the kind of growing up when you yawn. In fact, the dog will lick your mouth in many cases. If you can capture it, it is very interesting. In addition, when it comes to This movement of the crooked head, if there are friends in the family, there should be a resonance, because at the moment of inadvertently, our dogs will suddenly be crooked, showing a particularly naughty and cute state. , Let our photos become more vivid.
    It 6 high -speed continuous shooting functions of EOS 5D3 full -frame SLR cameras, so that we are not missing every vivid moment.
    . The shooting skills in exercise
    Although we are talking about family pet photography, we cannot shoot at home. From time to time In the moment, the shooting of this movement requires us to have a certain understanding of the camera settings, because we can no longer use the ordinary focus mode. In this case, we will use the artificial intelligence servo autofocus of the EOS camera. The focus method allows the focus of the camera to chase the pets and focus at any time, so that the capture in the exercise can also accurately focus.
    In pets in the shooting campaign, and there are certain requirements for the shutter speed. Generally, the shutter speed of the running dog is at least 1/1000s, so as to ensure that the main body of the photographer is clear. If The shutter speed is not enough, pets are blurred, not clear enough. If the outdoor light conditions are not good, the shutter speed cannot reach 1/1000s, and the sensitivity can be appropriately increased.
    . How to shoot newly born dogs
    This subject matter belongs to a kind of shooting opportunity to be invisible. If the girls and dogs in your home are pregnant, then you will have a chance to take a group of groups This kind of photo, we all know that what animals are particularly cute when they are young, the smaller the more cute, the kitten and puppy are no exception, and they are better shooting when they are young. Like human little babies, they I also like to sleep, so we can let us go to make the shooting easier and controllable.

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