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  1. The appearance of the Yaobu ​​is cute, but it looks different from our Chinese soil dogs, so do you want to know the knowledge of the Yaogu? Today, I will take you to see the origin knowledge of this dog! Dog

    Arabic dogs

    Arabic church is not ordinary dogs. Basa originated in China. In ancient times, it was a pet in the imperial court. It was very popular in the Song Dynasty. Later, it was circulated to all parts of China, and the monks in Tibet also raised the Bagu dog in the temple (details). According to legend, in ancient times, the roots were also used as gifts, and played a strong role in diplomacy in various countries.
    The dogs, as messengers, are it unusual? It is unheard of, and I have never seen it. As early as the Han Dynasty 200 BC, China had a business with Western. China and Portugal established trade relations with Spain in 1575 in 1575 and the Netherlands in 1604. During the Emperor Kangxi, Emperor Peed sent ambassadors to China. It is said that the Chinese envoy who was responsible for meeting the Russian envoy at the time liked dogs very much and raised a lot. Because the Russians were also very interested in this interesting puppy. So when the Russian envoy left, one or two were given as a gift.
    But those who really introduce Panago into Europe are probably the Dutch merchants who have the same awareness of this small dog with a vast market in Europe. At that time, Royn Bago had always been the patent of the palace nobles. According to relevant information, these people even used some illegal means to seduce this dog from the palace, and foreigners were punished for this.
    Sub -then, this happy puppy has become the pearl of the palm of many European monarchs, and has set off a wave of raising Bago in the British upper class.
    In reminding you all shoveling officers. According to research, the earliest Panago body was larger than the current Pasta, and the limbs were relatively slender. Part of the British transformed.

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