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  1. The scientific name of the dog bean is í (Pí), which is attached to the blood -blooded vertebrate villain. It is an important medium for many human and lower animals. Dog beans are usually parasitic in the grass. It is recommended not to go with trees and humid places.
    This Solution: 1. Use wine to be applied to the body to relax or die on the head of the dog beans. After a few points, take out the pupa with a pointed tadlion, clam it from the mouth of the mouth, and quickly pull it out to remove the 蜱. 2. The flea spray agent can be sprayed from the infected local, and the dog beans will die, and the next day can be removed. Fervable destroyer spraying agents are regularly applied to keep the area clean in a regular basis. 3. The "dog beans" that bite on the skin should not be forcibly removed. It can drop a drop of iodine, alcohol or ether on it, or bake it with cigarettes to automatically remove the "dog beans". 4. Use soapy water or sodium carbonate to paint the injury, which has the effect of relieving pain and swelling.

  2. I do n’t have a bath for the dogs. It ’s better to go to the place where there are too many grass. If you do n’t deal with it in time, you will breed

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