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  1. This frequency should not be high.
    The understanding of basic nursing methods is that every pet owner should master. After understanding the relevant attention points, we can clean the dogs ourselves. If there is no clear operation, you can send it to the pet beauty salon several times first. After the owner is studying, you can try it by himself.
    The purpose and method of dog beauty
    1. Objective: In order to make the dog look more spiritual and beautiful, it is also to ensure the health of the skin and hairs, to maintain the state of beauty, remove external diseases Essence At the same time, it is also to prevent the dog's nails from being too long, too dirty ear canal.
    2. Some cosmetic:
    ① The soles of the feet: The condition of the long hair is not cutting the soles of the feet. So you must cut it. Available power push and remove the soles of the feet.
    ② Cut the toenails: The toenail part can be grabbed like a handshake before cutting. If it is too short, it will bleed, so pay attention to these, but if the blood line of the dog is too long, it can cut the blood line, but it will definitely bleed, so prepare the hemostatic powder. The toenails should be cut carefully.
    ③ Ear: Cleaning the ears is mainly to pull the ear hair and clean the ear canal. Many dogs will have the problem of scratching their ears, which may be caused by the long ear hair or not cleaning the ear canal for a long time. First remove the ear hair with hemostatic pliers, and remove the hand -removed hand. Before you pull up, you can sprinkle some ear hair powder in your ears.

    This to clean up anal glands
    ④ Anal: mainly to clean up the anal glands. Basically, those who first raise dogs do not know how to clean up, so ask others to ask others.
    ⑤ Tooth: If the tooth management is not good, the gum disease or teeth occur. Do not start directly when training the brushing habits for the first time. Use rubber to make a toothbrush like a game to make the puppy comfortable. This is used to use a normal toothbrush when it is used to it. There are also when the gums become red or the teeth are terrible. It is not possible to remove the odor at home.
    3. The purpose and method of bathing:
    ① Objective: To remove the odor, at the same time do a good job of being managed and preventing skin diseases, improve the skin's metabolism to promote the development of fur High, it is enough to wash the dog once in two weeks.
    ③ Preparation before bathing: The hair will be combed first, and by the way, you can clearly know some obvious foreign objects. Prepare the necessary tools such as bath milk, hair dryer.
    ④ Bathing: Clean up anal glands first, and then take a bath. The order of bathing is from the back, and finally washing the hair. The order of flushing is the first head and the body. This is to prevent bathing milk from staying on the head for too long, increasing the chance of flowing to the eyes of the dog. Then use a hair dryer to blow dry by the hair. It should be noted that it must be completely dried to avoid being wet by the hair and increasing the chance of skin diseases. After blowing dry, you can pull your ears and make your ears. As for cutting nails, it can be carried out before bathing, which is to prevent cutting bleeding from being polluted. When taking a bath, pay attention to the temperature. The water temperature should not be too hot. Pay attention to keep warm. Do not catch a cold because of bathing.

  2. Bathing
    In a bath for dogs, you must choose a shower gel that suits your dog hair. Generally, the water temperature of the bath is 35--45 degrees, and the water temperature in winter is higher. Generally speaking, long -haired dogs usually take a shower once a week, while the short hair dogs are more suitable for taking a shower every half a month.

    The nail cutting
    This of the long nails of the dog will affect the difficulty of walking, and it can also cause some problems such as bone deformation to walk up. Some dog nails are even pierced into the foot pad that makes the dog very painful.

    The nutritional supplement
    The growth of dog hair requires sufficient protein, vitamins, mineral elements, and so on. Therefore, if you want to ensure that the new hair of the dog grows healthy is healthy, you must pay attention to the nutrition of the diet. Prepare more high -protein and vitamin -rich foods for dogs. You can properly add more power to enhance the cream

    to brush your dogs
    Brushing your teeth, but the dog will not brush itself, which requires the owner to help. At the beginning, the dog will not be able to adapt to it, and there will be conflict, but it must be persisted, because this is to clean the dog's oral hygiene must be done. of.

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