5 thoughts on “Want to buy a pet dog in Changsha. Where can I have a pet market? Dogs under 600 yuan”

  1. Well ... I am not from Changsha, but I like dogs very much. There are a lot of dogs under 600 yuan if you buy it in the dog market, but if you are in a dog, don't think about it. Also, the VIP is more expensive. The dog market also sells 1000 ~ 1500, I don't know if it can be accepted.我们比较常见的小型犬有:博美(爱叫,不过机灵的很)吉娃娃(大眼睛,很可爱。不过也爱叫)小鹿狗(对别的狗凶)贵宾(聪明可爱温顺,但是爱叫, Do the wrong things and do not change) Jingba (Holy) British bullfighting dog (not very familiar, but it looks quite non) ... This is more common. For how to be a good owner, just look at the ten words of the dog and finish reading it. After reading it, after reading it I later understood. Let's take a look at the movies such as "The Ten Prompts of my and dogs", "Going to the End of the World" and "Guide Dog Xiao Q" and other movies. If you think about it, buy it, and wish you a dog that can buy a dog with your own heart.

  2. It's better not to go to dog traffickers and pet stores to buy sick dogs. Even if a healthy dog ​​and sick dog are together, it is easy to be transmitted.

  3. In fact, I am not very familiar with pets. If the price is low, I know. There is a street behind Wangfujing, Changsha, and there is a test street next to Taiping Street. There are some pet shops. You can go check it out. There are many cars from the Changsha Railway Station and take the bus to the entrance of Taiping Street, such as, 117, 312, 314, and so on. It is very convenient, you can also ask the people there. The price should not be very high.

  4. Let me tell you, 1. 1. There are small and medium -sized dogs with a pet market with a pet market with grass dogs with grass dogs, etc. Diarrhea (attached). Be a good master, eat abalone, pheasant, shark fin for dogs every day, and often take it to foreign travel (France, dog's sacred place)

    Give it, haha

  5. There is a flower and bird market next to Changsha Xiangya Hospital. There are dogs in it. Do you take a car? Many, 405 can

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