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  1. The puppy shit and urine solution are: setting a dog toilet for dogs, adjusting the dog’s feeding, guiding it to the toilet, and waiting for dogs to urinate, and reward it with snacks.
    1. Establish a dog toilet for the dog.
    This to the dog toilet is set with the owner, and you do not have to buy a toilet. Put a newspaper or urine pad on the ground, and you can also act as a dog toilet. What we have to do is to guide the dog to go to the toilet in a certain area.
    although it is okay, if the toilet is too humid, it is not recommended to let the dog enter the toilet every day, which is prone to skin disease. The debris next to the dog toilet must also be collected to avoid the dog from accidentally hitting the toilet.
    2. Adjust the dog’s feeding to observe the time of the dog’s poop.
    If the dog usually eats if you want to eat, there is no fixed feeding time, then you need to adjust it and change it to “regular quantitative” feeding. If your dog eats 3 meals a day, you can feed them at a specific time in the morning and evening. The dog is a rectum. Soon after eating, you want to go to the toilet. The fixed feeding time will give it a fixed toilet time.
    3. After seeing the signs of the dog wants to poop, it immediately guides it to the toilet.
    Is seeing the dogs showing signs of poop, the owner wants to guide it to the dog toilet. If the dog can’t understand your guidance, the owner can put it on the traction rope in advance and bring it to the dog toilet.
    The dogs were interested in the beginning, but they were “guided” by the owner, and they might suddenly have no intention in the dog’s toilet. Don’t put it out at this time, let it stay on the dog toilet until it is pulled out. In this process, the owner should not look at it all the time to increase pressure. When the dog stays on the dog’s toilet to relax, it will re -evoke the intention, which is convenient to the dog toilet.
    4, wait for dogs to urinate, reward it with snacks.
    The owner can put a snack box next to the dog toilet. When the dog is finished, he can immediately reward it. When the dog is already skilled in the dog’s toilet, the owner can also add a password to “poop” when it is stool. After that, the dog will quickly react when he hear this instruction. Snack rewards.
    The dogs are rectums and are also animals with a strong sense of time. If the dog can guide the dog for a period of time after eating, it can guide the dog to defecate and reward it. After multiple training, it will realize that when the next time you go to the urine pads, it will be praised and rewarded because of its own performance. Remember, the higher the frequency of a dog’s reward, the more often it practice this behavior.

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