1 thought on “What should I do if my dog ​​has just arrived at home?”

  1. In response to the dogs and urinating at home, it is recommended to take a moderate way to guide it. Do not adopt scolding to avoid countermeasures. It should be noted that dogs who are around January to April have a lot of urination due to their own reasons. In response to this situation, it is recommended to arrange dogs in a fixed environment to feed and clean up the dog’s urination in time. Smaller dogs can take training to help dogs change this bad habit. Dogs mainly choose the area of ​​urination through the smell. It is recommended that pet owners spread newspapers or pet urine pads in places where dogs often urinate, and then placed these items stained with dogs in the area where the dogs want to urinate. Bring it to this area in time when the dog wants to urinate.

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