The top ten most obedient dog rankings, what are the docile and cute dog species in the world?

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  1. Among the family pet dogs, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Husky and Alaska are docile dogs. Although Bian Mu and Samoyed are large, they are smart and lively. Chihuahua, Bagu, Corgi, and Teddy are the most commonly supported small dogs. They are cute and smart, and they are suitable for playing with children at home.
    The ten most obedient dogs
    1, golden retriever
    Golden retriever is also called recovery dogs. In the top ten most obedient dog rankings, it is the most common breed of family support. It is also very loyal to the owner. In addition to breeding as a family pet, Golden Retriever is also used as a guide dog, contributing to humans greatly.
    2, border herd
    The biggest feature of the edge shepherd is clever, and the ability to understand is particularly high, so it is easy to train. Bian Mu is also very docile and obedient, and will not suddenly attack others. Because of this gentle personality, many families now raise it as pet dogs.
    3, Labrado
    . Although Labrado is a large dog, its personality is very mild, IQ, and lively. They are willing to approach others, and they are very friendly to people. Sometimes I will be coquettish with you, and a obedient dog at home is still very happy.
    4, Chihuahua
    is one of the most common varieties of family pet dogs. The most popular is its small and cute shape, and its lively and obedient character. Chihuahua's movements are very agile and smart, and they will please the owner.
    5, Samoyed
    Samoyed's pure white hair, which made people feel that they couldn't help but want to touch it. Samoyed's personality is gentle and obedient, and it also has the reputation of "smile angel". When it laughs at you, it is estimated that the heart will be melted.
    6, Alaska
    Alaska has previously been used as a "transportation tool" as a manned. Although Alaska is a large dog, it has a docile and stable personality. It is loyal to the owner and high obedience. When the puppies are a little naughty.
    7, Bagu dogs
    The Bagu dogs are Chinese dog breeds. Don't look at it that it is stupid. In fact, it is very lively and moving. The Payle dog's character is very easy -going, and it is also more docile. It is very suitable for children at home. The Bay dog ​​is also very famous abroad.
    8, Corgi
    Corki is loved by people because of its short legs and round buttocks. Its personality is very gentle and cheerful, so it is also suitable for the playmates of children at home. Corgi dogs are also very sticky and sticky.
    9, Husky
    although the appearance looks like a wolf, its personality is docile and obedient. Because it is a little stupid brain circuit, and is called "two haha", it often does something that makes you cry and laugh at home, adding a lot of fun.
    10, teddy
    teddy looks similar to the teddy bear doll, and it is lively and cute, and very obedient. The curls of one body can give it any shape, so it is particularly loved by young girls. Its body taste is less good, and the IQ is second.

  2. Golden retriever, a warm man in the dog. Golden Mao's attitude towards the owner is particularly friendly. It will be considerate and even take the initiative to take care of the owner. Golden Mao is friendly to anyone and can become good friends with humans. Because of his good temper and smart head, many golden retrievers have been trained as guide dogs to contribute to humans.

  3. The more obedient dogs include golden retriever, Labrado dogs, border shepherds, German shepherds, Sheleti Shepherds, and Chieke, Bagu, Small Schonari, Chinese Rural Dog and Boston.

  4. For example, there are Alaska, also German Mu, and Black Bulls and Sheep Dogs, as well as fox hunting dogs and Mattley, high IQ and obedient.

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