5 thoughts on “How to let the dog live in the cage”

  1. You can allow the dog to adapt to the cage for ten minutes first, and arrange the cage warmly. Put some toys and snacks, so that the dog feels that the cage is home, not to close him. After ten minutes, let him go out and open the door of the cage. Let him go in and out freely, adapt slowly, and then extend the time of closing the cage. In the end, the dog can adapt to life in the cage.

  2. Pour the dog's cage and dog pot, put the dog pot in the dog's favorite food, and then put it in the cage together, the dog will enter.

  3. If you want the dog to live in the cage, first you have to arrange the cage with his favorite cushion toys and so on. Let him feel a home, and then put the water and eat the pot in it, and slowly he will like it.

  4. If the dog lives outside and is used to letting her live, of course, in Longzhou, it is better to put something he likes to eat or play in the cage. Slowly get used to it.

  5. If your dog did not develop a habit when he was a kid, then living in a cage, then she grew up, he was unwilling to live in the cage

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