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  1. Because the dog is a clean animal, he goes out to walk the dog every day, mostly to take the dog to pee. There is also the energy of grinding the dog. Dog's energy is very strong, especially large dogs.
    If the dog's energy cannot be vented, then the dog is prone to dismantling behavior, which is what the pet owner does not want to see. Therefore, take a dog out every day to walk around to release the vigorous energy of the dog, and it will be destroyed when you return home.
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    This dogs
    1, wearing a dog chain
    The first wearing a dog chain will make the dog feel uncomfortable, so it is best to train at home first, When the dog is fully adapted, it means the first step in the walking training.
    2. Choose a safe route

    For timid dogs, it is best to choose a quiet alley near the home at first, and confirm that you will never encounter evil dogs, so as not to occur in the occurrence of emergencies. Essence
    3, control the pull rope properly

    When the dog is attracted by something, it often rushes forward impulsively. Stopped, and after pulling the rope, the dog could not rush forward. At this time, the owner turned around immediately, letting the dog know that the dominance of the walking was in the hands of the owner.
    4. Cleaning the dog's urination
    The walking with dogs will inevitably encounter a dog's urine. Therefore, we must carry newspapers and plastic bags with you. The newspaper, then put it in a plastic bag and take it home to discard. At the same time, it is forbidden to pee in front of other people's tires or home door, so that it will be developed in grass or ditch to urinate, so that it will not be white eyes from others.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Walking Dog

  2. Dogs do not exercise for a long time and are prone to nerve quality. Dogs with nervous allergies like inexplicable bites. And they will make wrong reactions and judgments to the owner's order. Especially hunting dogs.

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