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  1. . After the vaccine is used, dilute
    This is a normal vaccine response. Because the dog will be weak after the vaccine is vaccinated, it will be diarrhea if you have a little discomfort. God, the owner should do a good job of keeping the dog’s warmth to avoid the dogs from being cold. You can also add nutrition to the dog appropriately to enhance the dog’s resistance.

    . Vomiting after the vaccine
    The dog’s vomiting after vaccine is a normal stress response, and it usually returns to normal in a few days. Moreover, the resistance will decrease after the dog injection vaccine. The owner should try not to bathe the dog or take the dog out to avoid infection with other viruses. The vomit of the dog must also be cleaned in time, so as not to eat the dog again, causing gastrointestinal infection germs. If the dog’s vomiting symptoms have not eased, go to the hospital for treatment in time.

    . After the vaccine, the appetite is not good
    The dogs may lose appetite after the vaccine just finished the vaccine, or mental weakness, which is normal. If the dog’s appetite is not good, you can mix a bit of gastrointestinal treasure probiotics in the water of the dog, improve the dog’s anti -stress force, and help the dog recover your appetite. You can also use less meals to feed the dogs to help the dog recover your health.

    . Allergies after the vaccine
    . If the dog has some allergies after the vaccine has caused some allergies, at this time, the dog should be sent to the pet hospital for treatment. Do not treat it yourself, and do not treat it yourself, because once the dog is allergic, the situation is very serious and requires professional pet doctors for treatment.

    The injection of rabies vaccine for dogs is responsible for dogs and responsible to others. If the dog has the above reactions after the vaccine, the owner does not need to worry too much. This is normal, but if these symptoms have not improved, the owner will take the dog to see the hospital for treatment in time. If you have other related questions, you can also consult an online pet doctor.

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