What are the adverse reactions after a dog vaccine?

The vaccine that my Teddy was yesterday was very sleepy today. The dog food at noon was not finished. The lower body temperature was 39.7. When I didn’t sleep, my nose was wet and cool. The hind legs are sometimes a little pumping when I sleep. Is there a problem? Do I need to go to a pet hospital?

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  1. Some dogs may have mild discomfort after the vaccine is injected, because the vaccine itself is a virus that has been processed by people and weakened. Individual dogs may have poor appetite, mental weakness and other reactions after the vaccine. But as the dog slowly adapts, it is usually okay after 1-2 days, and the dog’s body will slowly return to normal.
    If the doctor’s advice, there may be more severe symptoms if the dog’s physical condition is not good. Essence Then you can’t hesitate, and immediately send it to the pet hospital for examination and treatment.
    Pucting information:
    1. Pregnant dogs cannot be vaccinated, if vaccine may damage the puppy in the stomach.
    2. The vaccine must go to a regular animal hospital by a professional veterinarian, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the vaccine.
    3, because the vaccine is also a kind of allergic source, some dogs will be allergic to the vaccine, causing problems such as systemic itching, swelling of the face, and difficulty breathing. Therefore, after the vaccine, you must observe 15 minutes before leaving.
    4. You cannot vaccinate the newly appeared puppy, because the chances of puppies just born are very small, and it is not too late to wait a little bigger and then vaccine.
    5. Dogs should avoid intense exercise after vaccine, contact the sick dog, and pay attention to climate change.
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  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer hello, I love rice sullen rice, I have seen your question, I am sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~nHello, hello, I am glad to answer your questions. Dear, if the dog is healthy and not sick, the dog has no response. Some dogs may have mild discomfort after the vaccine is injected, because the vaccine itself is processed by people. Viruses with weakening ability, individual dogs may have symptoms such as poor appetite and lack of energy after the vaccine, but as the dog slowly adapts, it is okay after 1-2 days. It will slowly return to normal. However, if the dog’s physical condition is not good, the injection may have more severe symptoms. If there are high fever, dry nasal mirror, strong vomiting, hematuria, convulsions, etc., rapid weight loss and other phenomena.nDear, I hope my answer can help you        n1 morenBleak

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, mild side effects, reduced body activity and minor swelling or discomfort in the injection site are the most common side effects of puppies. This is because the dog’s immune system is resisting foreign invaders, the antigen in the vaccine. For example, the antigen in the rabies vaccine is a rabies virus that was killed. After vaccination, the immune system is activated and produces antibodies for the killing rabies virus. In this way, if it sees it again, the dog will have protective immunity. Any pain, swelling, and fatigue caused by this should subscribe within one to two days. Although severe but uncommon allergic reactions are not common, although allergies of dogs are not common, the following signs indicate that allergic reactions must be asked to seek medical treatment as soon as possible: 1. Continuous vomiting; 2. Continuous diarrhea; 3. Dogs collapse, such as falling, fainting, fainting , Suddenly consciousness stops; 4. Swell nose, mouth, face, or eyes, and the head looks like swelling or expanding; 5. Rasal, itchy red lumps on the skin under the tors, abdomen, or chest fur; 6. 6. Difficult to breathe, it sounds like a loud breathing noise, or looks like struggling to breathe, and the face is blue; these reactions are considered a adverse reaction, and they usually occur in dogs in vaccination for several minutes to a few hours. The longer the time interval between vaccines and these reactions, the less the possibility of vaccine caused them. If these symptoms appear after vaccination, dogs are usually considered to be dangerous, and it is recommended to take the dog to seek medical treatment immediately. Some dogs have no reaction, I wish you a happy life, I hope you can thank you!

  4. What vaccine? rabies vaccine? Generally, there are no adverse reactions. Sometimes swelling in the injection part can soon disappear. However, it is not appropriate to injection for female dogs and puppies that are weak, labor or postpartum.
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  5. Some dogs will have a fever, cough, vomiting and runny nose. Generally, if the vaccine is reflected, it will be good for a day or two

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